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These People Were Hopped Up On Steroids - And Brutally Murdered People

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One of the scariest aspects of steroid abuse is that people often take the drug in larger doses than prescribed, which can have serious health consequences. The worst of these scenarios involve people who used steroids and became murderers.

Steroid-fueled crimes actually happen more than you might think. In fact, they're so common that there's a specific term used to denote them: "roid-rage." Usually, these cases involve the killer abusing copious amounts of illegal steroids, right up until the time disaster strikes.

The following details are pretty grisly, so don't feel ashamed if you need to look away for a moment. 

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    Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Agee Shot His Wife In Front Of His Daughter

    In 2011, Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Agee shot his ex-wife Jennifer in front of their two daughters. After the deed was done, Agee fled the scene, leaving his children behind in a convenience store parking lot. 

    According to his attorney, Agee had been taking illegal anabolic steroids for a couple of years prior to the incident. Although they helped him bulk up, they also contributed to his severe mood swings. The "roid-rage" defense was rejected, and Agee received the harsh sentence of three life terms plus 11 years in prison. 

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    Gordon Kimbrough Killed His Fiancee After She Broke Off Their Engagement

    When she told him it was over, Gordon Kimbrough wasn't having it. Instead of calmly discussing the matter, he wrapped an electrical cord around her neck and then stabbed her with a kitchen knife. Now, this guy is a bodybuilder who weighs 240 pounds, so the force her exerted on her neck was hellishly strong.

    During the trial, he alleged that the murder happened in a fit of rage. The bodybuilding community knew that he was a heavy steroid user, so the murder was a hot topic of discussion in the aftermath of the trial. In 1995, Kimbrough was sentenced to 27 years for first-degree murder.


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    David Bieber Fatally Shot An English Police Officer

    Florida native David Bieber was your typical bodybuilder, obsessed with steroids and working out at the gym. After he was accused of murdering another bodybuilder named Markus Mueller, Bieber fled to the UK, where he then murdered police officer Ian Broadhurst. When investigators searched his home, they found plenty of the opiate Nubain, which was clearly his drug of choice.

    Before he got into heavy steroid use, Bieber was a talented athlete who could have gone to university on a football scholarship. Instead, he joined the marines, but was quickly discharged for violent behavior. When describing his son's puzzling steroid use, Bieber's father Frank told The Guardian "That was the beginning of the end. He was once a quiet young man. Who would have thought it would turn out like this?" 

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    A Prison Security Officer Shot and Kidnapped A Store Clerk

    According to the research of Harvard Psychiatry professor Dr. Harrison G. Pope Jr., a 32-year-old prison security officer kidnapped a store clerk after she made a joke he didn't like. The officer took the woman out to his car, then shot her through the spine, paralyzing her.  

    Prior to the attack, The man had no history of criminal or aggressive behavior, though he had been taking steroids for two years. Apparently the drugs had affected his mood, and he had become irritable and paranoid, especially around his wife. In the end, the killer was sentenced to 20 years in prison.