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List of the best Steve Guttenberg movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Steve Guttenberg's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Steve Guttenberg movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Steve Guttenberg movies will be at the top of the list. Steve Guttenberg has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Steve Guttenberg movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining Steve Guttenberg films to end the squabble once and for all.

If you think the best Steve Guttenberg role isn't at the top, then upvote it so it has the chance to become number one. The greatest Steve Guttenberg performances didn't necessarily come from the best movies, but in most cases they go hand in hand.

The list you're viewing is made up of films like 3 Men and a Little Lady and The Big Green.

"This list answers the questions, "What are the best Steve Guttenberg movies?" and "What are the greatest Steve Guttenberg roles of all time?"
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Police Academy Kim Cattrall, Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith Police Academy is a 1984 comedy film directed by Hugh Wilson, and starring Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, and G.W. Bailey. It grossed approximately $146 million worldwide and spawned six more ...more

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Short Circuit Steve Guttenberg, Ally Sheedy, Austin Pendleton Short Circuit is a 1986 American comic science fiction film directed by John Badham, and written by S. S. Wilson and Brent Maddock. The film's plot centers upon an experimental military robot ...more

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Three Men and a Baby Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg Three Men and a Baby is a 1987 comedy film directed by Leonard Nimoy, and starring Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson and Nancy Travis. It follows the mishaps and adventures of three ...more

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Police Academy 3: Back in Training Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith, Bobcat Goldthwait Police Academy 3: Back in Training is a 1986 comedy film directed by Jerry Paris. It is the third film and the second of the six sequels of the Police Academy film series. Despite receiving ...more

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Cocoon Steve Guttenberg, Clint Howard, Brian Dennehy Cocoon is a 1985 science fiction film directed by Ron Howard about a group of elderly people rejuvenated by aliens. The movie stars Don Ameche, Wilford Brimley, Hume Cronyn, Brian Dennehy, Jack ...more

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Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment Steve Guttenberg, Jason Hervey, Bubba Smith Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment is a 1985 comedy film directed by Jerry Paris. It is the first of six sequels in the Police Academy series. Many actors return from the first film to ...more

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Don't Tell Her It's Me Steve Guttenberg, Shelley Long, Jami Gertz Don't Tell Her It's Me is a 1990 comedy film starring Shelley Long, Steve Guttenberg, and Jami Gertz. The film was directed by Malcolm Mowbray and written by Sarah Bird.

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Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol Sharon Stone, Steve Guttenberg, Bubba Smith Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol is the fourth comedy film in the Police Academy series. It was released in 1987. A group of Police Academy graduates are sent to train a group of newly ...more

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Three Men and a Little Lady Tom Selleck, Ted Danson, Steve Guttenberg Three Men and a Little Lady is a 1990 American comedy film, and the sequel to the 1987 film Three Men and a Baby. Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson reprise the leading roles.

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The Boys from Brazil Laurence Olivier, Gregory Peck, Steve Guttenberg The Boys from Brazil is a 1978 British-American thriller film directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. It stars Gregory Peck and Laurence Olivier and features James Mason, Lilli Palmer, Uta Hagen and ...more

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Diner Mickey Rourke, Kevin Bacon, Ellen Barkin Diner is a 1982 American comedy-drama written and directed by Barry Levinson. The film is Levinson's screen directing debut, and the first of Levinson's four "Baltimore Films" set in ...more

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It Takes Two Kirstie Alley, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen It Takes Two is a 1995 film starring Kirstie Alley, Steve Guttenberg and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The movie title was taken from the song, "It Takes Two", by Marvin Gaye and Kim ...more

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Cocoon: The Return Courteney Cox, Steve Guttenberg, Brian Dennehy Cocoon: The Return is a 1988 science fiction film that is the sequel to the 1985 film Cocoon. All of the starring actors from the first film reprised their roles in this film, although Brian ...more

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The Day After John Lithgow, Steve Guttenberg, JoBeth Williams The Day After is a 1983 American television film that aired on November 20, 1983, on the ABC television network. It was seen by more than 100 million people during its initial broadcast. It is ...more

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High Spirits Liam Neeson, Jennifer Tilly, Peter O'Toole High Spirits is a 1988 fantasy comedy film directed by Neil Jordan and starring Steve Guttenberg, Daryl Hannah, Beverly D'Angelo, Liam Neeson and Peter O'Toole. Set in a remote Irish castle ...more

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The Big Green Steve Guttenberg, Olivia d'Abo, Jay O. Sanders The Big Green is a 1995 Walt Disney Pictures film starring Steve Guttenberg and Olivia d'Abo, written and directed by Holly Goldberg Sloan. It also stars Bug Hall, Chauncey Leopardi, and Patrick ...more

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Casper: A Spirited Beginning James Earl Jones, Pauly Shore, Rodney Dangerfield Casper: A Spirited Beginning is a direct-to-video and first prequel/spin-off to the 1995 film Casper, produced by Harvey Comics and Saban Entertainment and released by 20th Century Fox Home ...more

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The Poseidon Adventure Steve Guttenberg, Rutger Hauer, C. Thomas Howell The Poseidon Adventure is a 2005 action and adventure made-for-TV film based on Paul Gallico's novel of the same name. It is a remake of the 1972 film of the same name.

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Amazon Women on the Moon Michelle Pfeiffer, Carrie Fisher, Bryan Cranston Amazon Women on the Moon is a 1987 American satirical comedy film that parodies the experience of watching low-budget movies on late-night television. The film, featuring a large ensemble cast, ...more

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Home for the Holidays Robert Downey Jr., Claire Danes, Holly Hunter Home for the Holidays is a 1995 comedy-drama film directed by Jodie Foster and produced by Peggy Rajski and Foster. The screenplay was by W. D. Richter based on the short story by Chris Radant. ...more

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Zeus and Roxanne Steve Guttenberg, Arnold Vosloo, Kathleen Quinlan Zeus and Roxanne is a 1997 family comedy/adventure film directed by George T. Miller. The film revolves around the friendship between the title characters, a dog and a dolphin, respectively. The ...more

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Tower of Terror Kirsten Dunst, Steve Guttenberg, Melora Hardin Tower of Terror is a 1997 made-for-TV supernatural thriller directed by D. J. MacHale. It is based on the theme park attraction, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, at Disney's Hollywood Studios ...more

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Bad Medicine Gilbert Gottfried, Steve Guttenberg, Alan Arkin Bad Medicine is a 1985 comedy film starring Steve Guttenberg, Alan Arkin, and Julie Hagerty. The film was written and directed by Harvey Miller, and was based on the novel Calling Dr. Horowitz, ...more

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Home Team Steve Guttenberg, Sophie Lorain, Richard Jutras Home Team is a 1998 comedy film starring Steve Guttenberg.

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Can't Stop the Music Bruce Jenner, Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine Can't Stop the Music is a 1980 American musical comedy film directed by Nancy Walker. Written by Allan Carr and Bronté Woodard, the film is a pseudo-biography of disco's Village People ...more

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Rollercoaster Helen Hunt, Henry Fonda, Steve Guttenberg Rollercoaster is a 1977 disaster-suspense film starring George Segal, Richard Widmark, Henry Fonda and Timothy Bottoms, and directed by James Goldstone. It was one of the few films to be shown ...more

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P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! Steve Guttenberg, Shirley Knight, Cynthia Watros P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! is a 2002 comedy film written by Steve Guttenberg, James Kirkwood Jr., Jeff Korn and directed by Steve Guttenberg.

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Miracle on Ice Steve Guttenberg, Karl Malden, Jessica Walter Miracle on Ice is a 1981 American television sports docudrama for ABC about the United States men's hockey team, led by head coach Herb Brooks, that won the gold medal in the 1980 Winter ...more

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The Man Who Wasn't There Steve Guttenberg, Jeffrey Tambor, William Forsythe The Man Who Wasn't There is a 1983 American 3-D comedy film directed by Bruce Malmuth and starring Steve Guttenberg.

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Surrender Sally Field, Michael Caine, Steve Guttenberg Surrender is a 1987 comedy feature film that was written and directed by Jerry Belson. It stars Sally Field, Michael Caine, Steve Guttenberg and Iman.

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Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous Jessica Simpson, Vivica A. Fox, Steve Guttenberg Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous or Major Movie Star is a 2008 comedy film starring Jessica Simpson. Simpson plays the title role of Megan Valentine in the comedy, about a ...more

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The Chicken Chronicles Steve Guttenberg, Phil Silvers, Ed Lauter The Chicken Chronicles is a 1977 teen comedy film, set in 1969 and starring Steve Guttenburg.

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Cornered! Steve Guttenberg, Ellia English, James Duval Cornered! is a 2008 horror film directed by Daniel Maze.

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Ay Lav Yu is listed (or ranked) 34 on the list The Best Steve Guttenberg Movies
Ay Lav Yu Steve Guttenberg, Mariel Hemingway, Sermiyan Midyat Ay Lav Yu is a 2010 Turkish comedy film, written and directed by Sermiyan Midyat, about a young man who having completed his education returns to his home village along with his American ...more

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A Novel Romance Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Guttenberg, Jeff Ross A Novel Romance is a 2011 romance film written and directed by Allie Dvorin.

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Airborne Sean Bean, Steve Guttenberg, Colm Feore Airborne is a 1998 action film written by Julian Grant, Tony Johnston, Richard Klagsbrun and directed by Julian Grant.

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The Gold Retrievers Steve Guttenberg, Billy Zane, Curtis Armstrong

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Mojave Phone Booth Steve Guttenberg, Missi Pyle, Annabeth Gish Mojave Phone Booth is an independently produced 2006 film directed by John Putch. The movie is based on a real phone booth in the Mojave Desert that once accepted incoming calls, but has since ...more

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Domino One Tatyana Ali, Steve Guttenberg, nm0943927

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Eldorado Peter O'Toole, Daryl Hannah, Steve Guttenberg Eldorado is a British horror-comedy film written and directed by Richard Driscoll and stars Daryl Hannah, David Carradine, and Michael Madsen. It also stars Brigitte Nielsen, Kerry Washington, ...more

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Help Me, Help You Franco Harris, Steve Guttenberg, Bill Nunn Help Me, Help You is a 2009 comedy film written and directed by Ravi Godse. A Doctor discovers he only has 6 months to live. He decides to make a list of 6 friends whose lives he will improve by ...more

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Fatal Rescue is listed (or ranked) 42 on the list The Best Steve Guttenberg Movies
Fatal Rescue Steve Guttenberg, Maximilian Artajo, Melissa Holroyd Fatal Rescue is a 2009 action drama film written by Julia Neumann, Sabine Leipert and directed by Stephen Manuel.

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I Heart Shakey Steve Guttenberg, Beverly DAngelo, Steve Lemme I Heart Shakey is a family comedy and will be the first 3D independent, live action feature film out of Chicago. The story is about a widower, his 10-year-old daughter and their dog, Shakey. The ...more