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28 Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs

It's not often that we get to experience someone changing the world in real time. Many artists, inventors, scientists, and creators aren't appreciated or revered in the way that they should be until well after their death. Steve Jobs was a rare exception. We were lucky enough to be able to witness him change the world in front of our eyes, and actually got to see some of the positive changes that resulted from his innovations. Jobs was a man who dreamed of giving people the ability to think and communicate with his Apple products, but he also gave users the ability to create and produce on their own. 

So, who was Steve Jobs? How did he reach the peak of his career? Is the myth of building Apple in his garage true? What was his family like? What were the circumstances surrounding Steve Jobs death? What were his greatest accomplishments? What were his stranger quirks (for better or worse)? We gathered all of the greatest facts and stories about this brilliant innovator in order to paint a better picture of who Steve Jobs really is. 

  • He Was an Advocate for LSD

    Jobs credits LSD for allowing him to clear his mind and begin to think differently. He claims that LSD helped him see the world more clearly, and believed that it was one of the best experiences of his life. 
    In an interview with Business Insider, Jobs said: "Taking LSD was a profound experience, one of the most important things in my life. LSD shows you that there's another side to the coin, and you can't remember it when it wears off, but you know it. It reinforced my sense of what was important - creating great things instead of making money, putting things back into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as I could." 

    Source: Business Insider
  • He Had Very Strange Dieting Habits

    For the most part, Steve Jobs was a pescetarian, but he often liked to experiment with his diet. One time, he tried eating only two foods - apples and carrots - for as long as he could. Another time, he experimented with being a fruitarian, and existed solely on fruit for a few weeks. He also tried being a vegan for awhile, and once even tried to avoid food entirely on a lengthy fast.

    When Ashton Kutcher took on the role of Steve Jobs for the 2013 movie, Jobs, he tried going full-fruitarian and ended up in the hospital.

    Source: NBC News
  • He Helped Save Pixar

    In 1979, George Lucas founded Lucasfilm's computer division. In '83, they hired John Lasseter, and in '84, he was partially finished with their first short film, titled The Adventures of André & Wally B. The company and its 44 employees fell on hard times around 1986, and Steve Jobs stepped in to buy the company from George Lucas for $10 million. He re-branded the company as Pixar, and with his financial support, Lasseter was able to make his directorial debut with Luxo Jr., which ended up being the first 3D CGI film to be nominated for an Academy Award. 
    Source: Pixar
  • For a Time, He Was Disney's Largest Shareholder

    Disney bought Pixar's name and properties in 2006. This $7 billion merger made Steve Jobs Disney's largest shareholder, and also promoted him to the board of trustees. In addition to running Apple and saving Pixar, he was also a silent partner on the board at Disney. Jobs sure was a busy guy! 

    Source: Rueters