Film Films Scored By Steve Porcaro

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List of movies with music composed by Steve Porcaro, listed alphabetically with trailers of the movies when available. This list includes any film scores composed by Steve Porcaro, ranging from smaller indie movies to larger blockbuster pictures. Film composers are responsible for writing and composing the music that plays during the movie, which is particularly important for dramas and adventure movies- imagine what Lord of the Rings would have sounded like without an amazing score. Useful bits of trivia are can be found below, such as who directed each film scored by Steve Porcaro and when the movie was first released. Steve Porcaro is a world renowned film composer, so if you're a music buff use this list to find the names of Steve Porcaro soundtracks that you haven't heard before.

The list you're viewing is made up of a variety of different movies, including From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money and Getting There: Sweet 16 and Licensed to Drive.

This Steve Porcaro films list can help answer the question, "Which movies were scored by Steve Porcaro?"

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Cuba Gooding Jr., Tom Berenger, Mark Pellegrino A Murder of Crows is a 1998 thriller film directed by Rowdy Herrington and starring Cuba Gooding Jr. and Tom Berenger.

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Claire Forlani, Jacqueline Bissett, Josie Davis Carolina Moon is a 2007 American television film directed by Stephen Tolkin and starring Claire Forlani and Oliver Hudson. Based on the Nora Roberts novel Carolina Moon, the film is about a ...more

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Kaley Cuoco, Carrie Fisher, Faye Dunaway Cougar Club is a 2007 American film directed by Christopher Duddy. The film details the attempts of two college graduates, Marshall Hogan III and Spence Holmes, to find direction in life. While ...more

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Tiffani Thiessen, Danny Trejo, Bruce Campbell From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money is an American horror crime action thriller Vampire film released on March 16, 1999. It's the second movie in the From Dusk Till Dawn series and is a ...more

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Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Shelley Malil Getting There is a 2002 direct-to-video movie starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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Timothy Olyphant, Monica Potter, Freddie Prinze Head Over Heels is a 2001 American romantic comedy film directed by Mark Waters about a woman, Amanda Pierce living in New York City who works at Metropolitan Museum of Art restoring paintings. ...more

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Eddie Murphy, Michael Rapaport, Donal Logue Metro is a 1997 American action comedy thriller film which was directed by Thomas Carter, produced by Roger Birnbaum, and starring Eddie Murphy as Scott Roper, a hostage negotiator and inspector ...more

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Charlotte Ross, Ashley Williams, Diane Ladd Montana Sky is a 2007 American television film directed by Mike Robe and starring Ashley Williams, John Corbett, and Charlotte Ross. Based on the Nora Roberts novel of the same name, the film is ...more

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John Goodman, Pauley Perrette, Gene Simmons My First Mister is a 2001 film written by Jill Franklyn and directed by Christine Lahti. The film is the story of an alienated teen who forms an unlikely friendship with a lonely clothing store ...more

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Sarah Rafferty, Orson Bean, Lori Heuring Soccer Dog: European Cup is the 2004 feature film sequel to the film Soccer Dog: The Movie, about a dog with an uncanny ability to play soccer.

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Malin Åkerman, Paul Walker, Joshua Jackson The Skulls is a 2000 American psychological thriller film starring Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker and Leslie Bibb, directed by Rob Cohen. Its plot is based upon some of the conspiracy theories ...more

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Crispin Glover, Bijou Phillips, Brad Dourif The Wizard of Gore is a 2007 splatter/noir horror film directed by Jeremy Kasten and starring Kip Pardue, Bijou Phillips, Crispin Glover, Joshua Miller, Brad Dourif, Jeffrey Combs, and the ...more

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Unanswered Prayers Mädchen Amick, Patty Duke, Samantha Mathis Unanswered Prayers is a 2010 tv drama film written by Anne Gerard and Otis Jones and directed by Steven Schachter.

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Harry Connick, Jr., Patricia Clarkson Wayward Son is an American film drama about justice and redemption in rural Georgia during the Great Depression, starring Harry Connick, Jr. and Pete Postlethwaite.