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The Murder Of Steven Davis Might Have Gone Unsolved, If It Hadn't Been For His Mother

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When a group gunned down 32-year-old British businessman Steven Davis in his apartment in the Philippines, the police had limited information concerning the man's death. The case might have faded into obscurity if not for one determined and devoted layperson-turned-detective: Margaret Davis, his mother. Her story now joins the ranks of slayings solved by regular people, including parents.

Margaret temporarily moved to the Philippines, funded a private investigation, and even provided gas money for the police when they went to interview suspects. Her efforts led to the discovery of each person who participated in the killing, including Steven's wife, Evelyn. 

Without Steven's mother, the death would have remained a mystery. Margaret made sure everyone involved in her son's death would end up in prison. When all's said and done, she still managed to form a life with her grandchildren.

Here's how one mom obtained justice for her son thousands of miles away from home, despite local police pushing obstacles in her way.

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