26 Facts You Didn't Know About Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg changed cinema forever - plain and simple. The man has done more as a producer than most filmmakers do with their entire careers, and he's also done more as a director than most. He's made family-friendly films, sci-fi films, some of the best adventure films, heart-wrenching dramas, and he pretty much redefined every genre he touched. Steven Spielberg started changing cinema for the better in the 1960s, and continues to do so to this day. 

But who is Steven Spielberg? What is his regular life like? We've pored through interviews and facts for some of the best Spielberg stories that really paint a picture of the man. Compiling Steven Spielberg trivia, quotes, anecdotes, and history, think of this as your own personal Spielberg biography.

Consider all the films he's made; with his body of work, there are dozens of interesting tales from on set experiences, his effect on the film industry as a whole, and how he's changed the very fabric of it all. Even his movie-like personal life is fascinating thanks to his being a famous godfather, having tons of kids, and an expensive and controversial divorce. These facts are some of the pieces that shape the illustrious and iconic director and producer.

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  • Spielberg Had Robin Williams Call Him While Filming 'Schindler's List'

    Schindler's List is an extremely emotional film. Having to relive those kinds of atrocities every day on set while keeping yourself together would be no easy task. Needless to say, Spielberg struggled with depression on the bleak set. So who do you call when you're upset? The funniest man on the planet (if it's an option)! Robin Williams would call Spielberg on set and tell him jokes and stories to lighten his mood.

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  • He Refuses To Profit Off Of 'Schindler's List'

    One the most riveting films of all time is Spielberg's Schindler's List. It was clearly a personal film dealing with the lives of 1,100 Jewish people during the Holocaust. It was loved by critics and audiences alike. It was so personal, that to this day Spielberg hasn't made a dollar off of it. Stating that profiting would be like accepting "blood money." Instead, he's donated everything to The Shoah Foundation.

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  • His Father Is Extremely Prolific

    It's hard living in your father's shadow. Imagine if your father was credited with inventing one of the first business class computers, invented the first electronic cash register on a network, and created the first electronic library system. To top it off, Arnold Spielberg was a vocal critic of his son's films, often publicly discrediting them. It's no wonder all the dads in Spielberg's movies are vacant or antagonistic.

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  • Spielberg Decided To Direct 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' While Building A Sandcastle

    George Lucas and Steven Spielberg famously vacationed to Hawaii while each of their films (Star Wars and Close Encounters) were being released. Both feared for the worst and instead of hearing the critics attack their babies they decided to get away from it all.

    While vacationing Lucas convinced Spielberg to direct this idea he had, (after he wore himself out directing A New Hope he didn't want to direct for a while). That idea was Raiders of the Lost Ark.

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  • He Was Denied The Chance To Direct A James Bond Film - Twice

    James Bond is one of the most iconic and bankable franchises of all time; Steven Spielberg is one of the most iconic and powerful producers and directors of all time; Spielberg is a huge fan of Bond. Seems like the perfect match right? Nope.

    Longtime producer Albert R. Broccoli inherited the role of Bond producer from his father. Spielberg first met Broccoli when he was just starting out, but when Spielberg asked to direct a film in the franchise, Broccoli said, “Kid, ya gotta get some more [films] under your belt.” Just after Spielberg released Schindler’s List, he asked again. Broccoli turned him down again, replying, "Now I can’t afford you."

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  • He's Survived Hollywood And Made Dozens Of Movies Without Coffee

    We don't know how he does it. The man is constantly working and creating, and he doesn't touch a pot of joe. “I don’t drink coffee. I’ve never had a cup of coffee in my entire life. That’s something you probably don’t know about me. I’ve hated the taste since I was a kid.” 

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