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Steven Spielberg Shows and TV Series

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All Steven Spielberg shows list, featuring TV series created by Steven Spielberg, with pictures from the show when available. Series and programs made by TV creator Steven Spielberg are listed below alphabetically, with additional information such as when the show first aired and what network it aired on. What are all of the Steven Spielberg TV creations? This series list includes any shows that Steven Spielberg co-created and maybe served as an executive producer on.

This list has a variety of shows in it, from Pinky and the Brain to Falling Skies.

This list of television shows features programs produced, written, and adapted by Steven Spielberg. This list answers the questions, "What shows did Steven Spielberg create?" and "How many shows has Steven Spielberg created?"

These shows may not have all aired in the same country, but they were all created or co-created by Steven Spielberg. {#nodes}
  • Amazing Stories

    Charles Durning, Douglas Seale

    PremieredSeptember 29, 1985

    Amazing Stories is a fantasy, horror, and science fiction television anthology series created by Steven Spielberg. It ran on NBC from 1985 to 1987, and in 1992 was somewhat erratically screened in...  more

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  • Falling Skies

    Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood

    PremieredJune 19, 2011

    Falling Skies (TNT, 2011) is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series created by Robert Rodat. Six months after an alien attack on earth, a group of survivors band together to...  more

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  • Freakazoid!

    Paul Rugg, David Kaufman

    PremieredSeptember 9, 1995

    Freakazoid! is an American animated television series created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini for the Kids' WB programming block of The WB. The series chronicles the adventures of the title character,...  more

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  • High Incident

    Lucy Liu, Vanessa Marcil


    High Incident is a police drama series produced by DreamWorks Television for the ABC network. The show was created by Steven Spielberg, Michael Pavone, Eric Bogosian, and Dave Alan Johnson. It first...  more
  • Invasion America

    Leonard Nimoy, Tippi Hedren


    Invasion America is an animated science fiction miniseries that aired in the prime time lineup on The WB and later as a part of the Kids' WB programming block. Produced by DreamWorks Animation, the...  more
  • On the Lot

    Carrie Fisher, Brett Ratner


    On the Lot is a single season reality show competition for filmmaking, produced by Steven Spielberg, Mark Burnett and David Goffin. The show, which aired on Fox, featured filmmakers competing in...  more
  • Pinky and the Brain

    Maurice LaMarche, Rob Paulsen

    PremieredSeptember 9, 1995

    Pinky and the Brain is an American animated television series. It was the first animated television series to be presented in Dolby Surround and the fourth collaboration of Steven Spielberg with his...  more

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  • Toonsylvania

    Charles Adler, Corey Burton


    Toonsylvania is an animated television series, which ran for 2 seasons in 1998 on Fox's Saturday morning cartoon block in its first season, then was moved to Monday afternoons from September 14, 1998...  more