The Best Podcast Episodes About Steven And Cary Stayner

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When it comes to true crime, few stories have as many twists and turns as that of the Stayner brothers, making it a popular subject for podcasts. There is even a Hulu documentary series, Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story, detailing all the acts of heroism and violence.

In 1972, Steven Stayner was abducted by a sadistic child molester, who held him captive for seven years. The crime was so much worse than the abduction alone. In addition to the kidnapping, Steven's abuser tried to get him to help abduct another child, Timothy White. Steven eventually escaped, saving another one of the abuser's victims in the process.

While Steven will forever be known as a hero, his brother, Cary Stayner, was convicted of murdering four women in 1999, and he is now known as the Yosemite Killer. How did Cary Stayer become a serial killer? The Cary Stayner murders shocked everyone, from the community, and the media, to his own family. This case inspires many questions, like "Where are Steven Stayner's parents now?" and "What happened to Steven Stayner?"

There is a lot to unpack, and, lucky for us, there are a slew of engaging podcast episodes about the Stayner family. Some discuss both brothers, while others focus on one. For those interested in documentaries and TV movies, like I Know My Name Is Steven, podcasts on this list also discuss the coverage of the case. Which is the best? Help us decide by voting up the best options.

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    Casefile True Crime

    Episode: 154: “Steven Stayner

    Episode summary: Episode 154 of Casefile is dedicated to the kidnapping of Steven Stayner, who escaped with his fellow victim, Timmy White, after seven years in captivity. This is a bit of a polarizing episode, as fans either love or hate that the story of Steven's brother Cary was left out presumably in order to fully focus on the crimes against Steven.

    Length: 122:50

  • 20/20 Podcast
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    20/20 Podcast

    Episode:Evil in Eden

    Episode summary: The podcast version of ABC's 20/20 headed to Yosemite to tell the tale of the Stayner family. The show unveils how one brother became a hero, while the other brother became a killer.

    Length: 84:11

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    Murder With My Husband

    Episode: Episode 104: “Steven Stayner and Timothy White - The California Abductions

    Episode summary: Payton and Garret use this episode of Murder with My Husband to discuss the kidnappings of Steven Stayner and Timothy White. Along with true crime, which doesn't really interest him much, Garret uses his ten seconds to share some news about his new shoes.

    Length: 57:30

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    Strange And Unexplained With Daisy Eagan

    Episode: Season 1, episode 46: “The Stayner Saga Part 1: Steven's Gone Missing

    Episode summary: Strange and Unexplained is hosted by Tony award-winning actress and writer Daisy Eagan, who covers the disappearance of Steven in Part 1, and then the horrors committed by his brother, Cary Stayner, in Part 2. Eagan is also a mother, so you can imagine how upsetting she finds this case. You'll get a bit of comic relief from Eagan's evisceration of people like Kenneth Parnell and Cary Stayner. 

    Length: 34:03

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    Timesuck With Dan Cummins

    Episode: 236: “The Yosemite Killer and the Abduction of Steven Stayner

    Episode summary: Episode 236 of Timesuck focuses on the Yosemite Killer, Cary Stayner, and the abduction of Cary's brother, Steven. Host Dan Cummins goes into all the details and contemplates whether Cary Stayner was destined to become a murderer, or if the traumatic events of his childhood are what drove him to kill.

    Length: 138:02

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    My Favorite Murder

    Episode: 30: “The F*ck Word Murder Mystery Show

    Episode summary: True crime junkies Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark dedicated a 2017 episode of My Favorite Murder to discussing the Yosemite killer, Cary Stayner. They also touch on the fact that Cary's brother, Steven, was abducted when the boys were children. The hosts also provide a little levity by sharing their current thoughts on TV shows like Stranger Things and The Night Of at the top of the episode.

    Length: 79:29