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Fascinating Stories From Stevie Nicks’s Love Life

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Stevie Nicks became a household name alongside Fleetwood Mac bandmates Lindsey Buckingham, Christine and John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood shortly after the 1977 release of Rumours. Though the notoriously fluid Fleetwood Mac had released several albums prior to Rumours, the soft rock record is responsible for placing the band in the mainstream consciousness. However, it is also responsible for multiple affairs between Fleetwood Mac members, tumultuous separations, and heartbreak. 

Stories from Stevie Nicks's love life are threaded throughout Rumours - "Dreams" is about her longtime partner Lindsey Buckingham - but her love affairs of the late '70s were just the beginning of a series of romantic escapades. Aside from her laudable career, Nicks has endured incredible grief and heartache, as well as fairytale-level passion.

Nearly everyone who has dated Stevie Nicks speaks fondly of her, including the Eagles' Don Henley and Joe Walsh - the latter of whom Nicks maintains was the love of her life. Even Mick Fleetwood, who thinks of Nicks as a sort of platonic soulmate, considers her and Buckingham to be eternally connected. 

For her part, Nicks told Rolling Stone that she would be happy never marrying, as she's already "had a lot of great relationships" and her "life today is great" because of her friends and music. 

  • Nicks And Fleetwood Used To Sneak Off On Long Drives Through The Hollywood Hills

    Fleetwood dishes on his and Nicks's love affair in his autobiography, Play On: Now, Then, and Fleetwood Mac: The Autobiography. He claims Buckingham predicted their relationship shortly after he and Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac. Early on, Buckingham asked Fleetwood, "So... it's you and Stevie, isn't it?"

    Though Buckingham would likely deny this, Fleetwood insists the guitarist knew before anyone else that he and Nicks were "soulmates." 

    Fleetwood never intended to become romantic with his new pal's former girlfriend, and when they did start spending time together, they kept it a secret. Fleetwood recalls being exhausted from touring, and that they were both unhappy with their personal lives. They found solace in each other and would often take long drives through the Hollywood Hills to escape the chaos. Once while on tour in New Zealand, they drove up to a crater to watch the sunrise and spent the entire subsequent day in bed together without "a care in the world." 

    Fleetwood says he and Nicks were very much in love with each other, though they were both seeing other people when they began their affair. He waited until he knew he'd fallen for her to tell Buckingham, and he believes they could have had something together if they weren't "distracted" by other people. 

  • Fleetwood Left Nicks For Her Friend Sara Recor, And Both Relationships Dissolved

    Nicks recalls the 1979 recording of Fleetwood Mac's 12th studio album, Tusk, as "13 months of hell." Just as Nicks had started seeing Fleetwood - in an already scandalous relationship that caused tension within the band - her "dear friend" Sara Recor "just went after Mick." The two quickly fell in love.

    After Fleetwood and Nicks's relationship ended, Recor's husband informed Nicks that Fleetwood and Recor had moved in together. Recor was consequently banned from the Fleetwood Mac studio, and Nicks "wouldn't even look directly at Mick" for months. 

    Though she was undoubtedly heartbroken, Nicks says losing Fleetwood wasn't nearly as consequential as losing Recor. At least one good thing came out of the troublesome love triangle, however. "It was great fodder for writing!" Nicks says. "The songs poured out of us."

  • Photo: The Eagles, Live At The Summit: Houston, 1976 / Radioland

    Don Henley Flew Nicks To Atlanta During The 'Hotel California' Tour

    While speaking with Rolling Stone, Nicks describes a slew of "great... totally romantic relationships," including her time with Don Henley. She recalls once during the Hotel California tour when Henley flew her in a "cranberry-colored jet to the Omni in Atlanta" to watch the show. 

    Nicks says her romantic escapades have "been so amazing" that she would be okay with never dating again. Including her time with Henley, Nicks's "memories are so full of incredibly beautiful, sensual, fantastic experiences," and she's content with her full, single life. 

  • Nicks Wrote ‘Sara’ About Her And Don Henley’s Unborn Baby

    Stevie Nicks and Eagles founder Don Henley pursued a relationship in the late '70s, which resulted in a terminated pregnancy. In a 2014 interview with Billboard, Nicks admits the song "Sara," off Fleetwood Mac's 1979 album Tusk, is partially about the couple's unborn child. As Nicks explained, "Had I married Don and had that baby, and had she been a girl, I would have named her Sara." 

    Years prior, Henley spoke about the couple's past relationship. Nicks confirmed that "Sara" is about her and Henley's unborn child, but "not the entirety of it."

    Around the same time as her and Henley's relationship, Nicks was watching her ex, Mick Fleetwood, fall in love with Sara Recor, Nicks's former friend whom Fleetwood later married.