Maps Map Reveals The States In America With The Most STIs And Florida Is Actually Not That Bad  

Veronica Walsingham
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Do you ever wonder about the rate of STIs in the state you live? Well, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a nifty little map that let’s you know exactly where your state (and every state for that matter) falls in terms of STIs. Based on data from 2016, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention compiled a map that ranked every single state from most infected to least. And the results are... interesting. Let’s just say that they will definitely surprise you.

When you really start to look into facts about STDs and STIs, they are terrifying. For example, there are 350 million new STI cases in the United States every single year. On top of that, 110 million people are walking around with an STI right now – Yes, RIGHT NOW. Coupled with the fact that some strains have mutated and no longer respond to antibiotic treatment, sexually transmitted diseases and infections are a major healthcare risk.

Below, you can find out where your state falls, as well as interesting information about where other notable states rank.

Here's What The Map Looks Like




Vermont Is The Least Sexually-Infected State

Of all the states, Vermont is the least infected with sexually transmitted infections. Why? Well, Vermont is on low on the totem pole in terms of population, but given the data is collected from a percentage standpoint, this argument doesn't really hold up. Perhaps this statistic speaks to the quality of sexual education in this particular state.

In Fact, All Of The New England States Fare Well

When you look at all the New England states, they all fare pretty well when it comes to sexually transmitted infections. With Vermont being the least infected, New Hampshire comes in as the second least infected at 49. Maine comes in at 47, Connecticut at 43, Massachusetts at 42, and Rhode Island at 36.

What’s up with the New England states? Are they simply more informed about STIs or does it have to do with the types of people who live in these states?

Meanwhile, You May Want To Avoid Alaska As It Is The Most Sexually Infected State

Oddly enough, Alaska is the most sexually infected state. You’d maybe think it was Florida, because not only is it home to spring break destinations, but it’s also Florida. But alas, it's Alaska.

What accounts for Alaska’s high number of sexually transmitted infections? It’s hard to say. At first glance, it's difficult to see what Alaska, Louisiana, and North Carolina – the top three states according to this study – have in common.