Graveyard Shift

Teenage Arsonists Taped Themselves Burning Down Homes, And It's One Of The Most Haunting Things You'll Ever Witness

In 1989 a motorist found a VHS tape on the side of the ride near Stockton, CA, that offered a window into the mind of two teenage arsonists who’d been working in the area for awhile. On the tape, a house burns while an unseen voice narrates the destruction in haunting tones.

After the tape was discovered, investigators sent it to Unsolved Mysteries, leading to one of the many times the TV show helped solve a crime. The tips that came in helped officials find the two young men, whose decision to capture their crime on tape turned out to be their downfall.

Finding the Stockton arsonists based on very few crime facts was definitely a long shot. The footage didn't show any visible landmarks, and unlike most crimes caught on camera the video didn't include any visible evidence of a perpetrator. But although creepy stories of arson often go unsolved, this time the culprits didn't get away with their burning crime.