WATCH Someone Stole A $1.3 Million Bottle Of Vodka And It Was Caught On Camera  

Rebecca High

A bottle of vodka reportedly worth $1.3 million has been stolen in Copenhagen, but it was all caught on this surveillance video.

The Russo-Baltique is allegedly the world's most expensive bottle of vodka, and the bottle itself is crafted from 3kgs worth of pure gold and an additional 3kgs of silver. Not only that, but the gold is allegedly melted down from Czar Nicholas II's "chervonets" coins, minted circa 1908 to 1912.

The bar hosts a collection of 1,200 bottles of various vodka, but this valuable piece is the only one that was stolen. Despite multiple surveillance camera angles, authorities haven't yet determined if this was an inside job or not.

Unfortunately for all involved, the bottle didn't even belong in the bar: it was on loan from a Russian businessman, and uninsured. Watch this video to see the thief bringing home the potatoes.