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33 Hilarious Stoned Text Messages

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Stoners are their own unique breed of people. Whether you consider yourself a dabbler in marijuana culture, or are simply friends with someone who does, these hilarious stoned text messages are sometimes all-too relatable. These stoners have texted some of the most mind-blowing thoughts and theories, but sometimes they reveal just how many brain cells they've killed by smoking one too many joints. 

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, or an example of what not to text next time you've had a few tokes, the funniest stoner text messages are always insightful. You might learn that the peak of high-ness might not be the best time to text your significant other - unless you want them to know how much you prefer breakfast cereal over them. However, these stoned text messages might reveal the next great scientific discovery, or teach you how to be more zen. 

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    How to Keep Two Stoners Busy All Night

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    Heightened Perception is Not Always a Plus

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    That Moment When High-You Realizes the Evils of the Dairy Industry

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    Those Frustrating Moments When You Don't Fully Grasp Your Own Motor Skills

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