The Best Stop Motion Shows

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The best stop-motion shows are almost magical, with their unique animation style that remind us of everything from holiday specials to classic children's shows. Though much stop-motion animation is done with clay, the world of stop motion shows encompasses so much more. This list of stop-motion animated series is ranked from the best to the worst, based on votes from the Ranker community. What are the absolute best stop-motion TV shows?

Stop-motion animation includes PBS favorites like Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, nostalgic Nickelodeon series such as Action League Now! and sweet vintage kids shows like Paddington Bear or The Gumby Show. The process of stop-motion animation adds a unique charm to any series - and that includes adult animated shows like M.O.D.O.K. and Crossing Swords. The same techniques that make for cute shows is equally adept at making adorable fight scenes.

This list features the top stop motion shows ranked by your votes. So, what are television's best stop-motion animated series? Vote up the series you think are the best and see where your favorites rank. If you love the genre, be sure to check out our list of the best stop motion animation movies.

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