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26 Animals Who Don’t Want You to Touch Them

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Have you ever have one of those days where you're just not in the mood to be bothered? Have you experienced those frustrating moments when you can barely deal with whatever droll conversation someone’s attempting to have with you, let alone imagine being kissed, cuddled, or touched in any way? If so, you’ll find yourself in good company amid these animals with attitude: a group of fur-balls who are in no mood for your love. While deep down they know you mean well, this group of adorably little guys does not care. They have but one thing on their minds and it goes as follows, “Stop touching me.”

While some have managed to remain calm, there are a few who just don't have the patience to deal with you right now. Because of that, they're taking a more direct approach. So the next time you’re ready to punch the person who tells you to turn that frown upside down, open up this list of animals who don't want to be touched, and bask in the glow of creatures who totally feel you. Here you’ll find kittens who aren’t interested in kisses, dogs who have no need for displays of affection, and plenty of other creatures who just want you to go away.

So get ready to give a grumpy grin in spite of yourself as you get a load of these unwelcoming animals. See? Even the cuddliest among us have crappy days. So sit back and enjoy the antics of these little guys who aren’t afraid to show it.

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    "Dude, I Was Framed! Framed, I Tell You!"

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    "You Say Camel, I Say Karma."

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    "Daaaah! Sneak Attack!"

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    "Today We Play By My Rules."

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