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Storage Wars Is Yet Another Reality TV Show That Is Almost Completely Staged

Updated 14 Jun 2019 224.3k views11 items

Despite its name, it seems like reality television has become overrun with fakery and deceit. Even the most straightforward shows are staged. Case in point: A&E's immensely popular Storage Wars is not actual reality TV. It's a staged, scripted drama, meant to entertain and garner ratings. It isn't the documentary-style real-world setup the producers claim it is.

The biggest and most startling revelations about Storage Wars behind the scenes come from one of the show's stars, David Hester. He launched a lawsuit against the producers in 2012, and the legal filing is an eye-opening peek into all the ways Storage Wars is fake. A&E and Storage Wars producers insist the show isn't a complete and total deception, but they've used some creative ways of defending their position.

If you think Storage Wars is one of the best reality TV shows ever, these revelations will come as an unpleasant shock. Consider yourself warned.

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