Stores and Restaurants That Take Apple Pay

Did you ever wonder who accepts Apple Pay? It's convenient and becoming an easy way to pay at more and more places. This is a list of stores and restaurants that take Apple Pay, loosely ranked by popularity. Several fast food chains, restaurants, and stores have implemented the payment method into the checkout process. Everywhere around, places where you can use Apple Pay include popular shops and eateries all over the world.

What stores and restaurants that take Apple Pay will you find on this list? Of course, Apple itself has to be near the top. Apple Stores take the electronic payments for everything from iPhone purchases to Genius Bar service appointments. Starbucks also takes Apple Pay making it easier than ever to pick up a morning coffee. Does your favorite restaurant accept Apple Pay? Several popular restaurants including Chili's, Panda Express, and Panera Bread also take Apple Pay. Fast food chains like KFC, Subway, McDonald's, Wendy's, Chick Fil A, and White Castle use Apple pay as well. Here are all the Apple Pay locations. 

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