Behind-The-Scenes Stories That Will Change The Way You Watch 'Cast Away'

The making of Cast Away reunited two-time Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks with his Forrest Gump director Robert Zemeckis. The two-year production schedule was not an easy feat for the cast and crew, and resulted in many behind-the-scenes stories that will totally blow you away.

The adventure drama released in 2000 was an incredibly untraditional film, and the fact that it became a Hollywood blockbuster, grossing well over $400 million worldwide, was quite a surprise. Tom Hanks was essentially alone for a majority of the film - unless you count his washed-up buddy, Wilson the volleyball - and he even lost a total of 50 pounds for his role as Chuck Noland. The existential survival epic was nominated for two Academy Awards, including another Best Actor nomination for Hanks.

So, just how much did FedEx pay for all that product placement? Why was production shut down for one year? What was really in that package that Chuck refused to open until he got off the island? Find out the answers to those questions and discover other interesting details about Cast Away below.