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11 Times Frank Sinatra Was An Egomaniac Monster

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Not all Frank Sinatra stories revolve around Ol' Blue Eyes yes pulling off a show-stopping performance at a casino or club. In fact, enough bad Frank Sinatra stories exist to support people's descriptions of the Italian chanteur as temperamental, difficult, and often downright cruel. Thanks to accounts from friends, family members, acquaintances, and former employees, there is no shortage of stories about Frank Sinatra being a jerk. Like Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra occupied a place of genius that often overshadowed extremely d*ck-ish behavior actors today, like Russell Crowe, can't get away with without someone reporting on it.

Bad Frank Sinatra stories often involve the infamous crooner acting out for no discernable reason. Some people - such as writers, singers, and other actors - simply rubbed Sinatra the wrong way, and suffered the consequences of the singer's legendary temper. While Sinatra's songs might fly you to the moon, his anger reveals that he, not the lady, is the real tramp.

  • He Was A Nightmare On The Set Of 'Guys And Dolls'

    On the set of the 1955 musical Guys And Dolls, Sinatra was extremely disagreeable with directors, composers, and fellow actors. Angry he was not offered a more serious role, he refused to sing in a comedic fashion as instructed. When composer Frank Loesser tried to correct him, Sinatra responded with, "We'll do it my way or you can f*ck off." 

    He also feuded with Marlon Brando on set. Sinatra refused to help Brando with his singing and continually referred to Brando as "Mumbles" and "the most overrated actor." Brando, displeased at Sinatra's behavior, would go on to quip, "Frank's the kind of guy, when he dies, he's going to heaven and give God a bad time for making him bald."

  • He Battered A Helicopter Landing Pad After Being Snubbed By JFK

    In March of 1962, then president John Kennedy was planning to stay with Frank Sinatra in his California mansion during a trip to the west coast. At the last minute, however, Kennedy opted to stay with Bing Crosby due to wariness over Sinatra's alleged mob links. Sinatra became enraged by this. 

    Sinatra violently trashed the suite he had made for Kennedy in his own home. He then broke all of his JFK photographs and kicked in the door. He proceeded to take a sledgehammer and use it to destroy a helicopter landing pad he had put in place for Kennedy. 

  • He Punched A Reporter In The Face

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    Sinatra nursed a longstanding beef with New York Mirror journalist Lee Mortimer. This came to a head in 1948 outside the Ciro's Nightclub when Sinatra alleged Mortimer called him an anti-Italian slur, resulting in Sinatra socking Mortimer in the jaw. Mortimer took Sinatra to court over the incident. The case ended with Sinatra offering Mortimer a settlement in exchange for him dropping the charges. 

  • He Paid A Waiter To Punch A Gossip Columnist In The Face

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    In addition to his gripes with Mortimer, Sinatra also felt disdain towards famed writer and occasional gossip columnist Dominick Dunne. In the 1960s, Sinatra saw Dunne at a Beverly Hills nightclub. Angered by the sight of his nemesis, Sinatra paid a waiter to walk up to Dunne's table and punch him in the face