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11 Times Frank Sinatra Was An Egomaniac Monster

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Not all Frank Sinatra stories revolve around Ol' Blue Eyes yes pulling off a show-stopping performance at a casino or club. In fact, enough bad Frank Sinatra stories exist to support people's descriptions of the Italian chanteur as temperamental, difficult, and often downright cruel. Thanks to accounts from friends, family members, acquaintances, and former employees, there is no shortage of stories about Frank Sinatra being a jerk. Like Ernest Hemingway, Frank Sinatra occupied a place of genius that often overshadowed extremely d*ck-ish behavior actors today, like Russell Crowe, can't get away with without someone reporting on it.

Bad Frank Sinatra stories often involve the infamous crooner acting out for no discernable reason. Some people - such as writers, singers, and other actors - simply rubbed Sinatra the wrong way, and suffered the consequences of the singer's legendary temper. While Sinatra's songs might fly you to the moon, his anger reveals that he, not the lady, is the real tramp.

  • He Ordered A Hit On A Casino Owner For Denying Him Free Chips

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    After Carl Cohen, manager of Las Vegas' Sands Hotel and Casino refused to grant Sinatra $50,000 in free chips, Sinatra jumped on the blackjack table in a rage. He was escorted to a coffee shop by employees to cool down. When Cohen came in to work things out, Sinatra spilled scalding hot coffee on Cohen's lap. Cohen responded by punching Sinatra in the face. 

    Being an assh*le, Sinatra did not take too kindly to the return blow. Upon returning to Los Angeles, he told his mob associates he wanted Cohen murdered. Luckily for Cohen, the Mafia did not comply. As Sinatra was an entertainer, not a mobster, he could not order any hits. 

  • He Once Drunkenly Drove A Golf Cart Through A Glass Entryway

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    One night in 1967, Sinatra racked up a $500,000 gambling debt at the Sands Casino. Angry at his poor luck, he left the casino for the weekend before returning with a vengeance. A drunk and disgruntled Sinatra barged into the casino and took one of the golf carts used to transport luggage. He drove it through a glass entryway and then tried to set fire to the casino's curtains, but his lighter failed to ignite the fabric.

  • He Served Mia Farrow Divorce Papers - On The Set Of Rosemary's Baby

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    From the beginning of their relationship, Frank Sinatra mistreated Mia Farrow. He pressured her to give up acting, a request she consistently refused. Sinatra's breaking point came when Farrow took the lead role in Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby. 

    "You're giving birth to the devil?" he reportedly said, "I don't like it . . .  My mother will flip if she sees you doing this sh*t." 

    Sinatra grew so irate over Farrow's decision he decided to end his marriage. He made his attorney serve Farrow divorce papers in the middle of her filming. She ended up signing the papers on the set of the very movie that caused her divorce. 

  • He Picked A Fight With Harlan Ellison - For No Apparent Reason

    In an incident chronicled in Gay Talese's famous work of New Journalism, "Frank Sinatra Has A Cold," Sinatra once went off on the California-based writer Harlan Ellison in the Beverly Hills Club. The reason? Sinatra simply did not like Ellison's boots and felt compelled to insult him. After Sinatra took a few jabs at Ellison's attire, Ellison asked why Sinatra was even talking to him. 

    Sinatra responded by saying, "I don't like the way you're dressed."

    Ellison was not intimidated by Sinatra, and responded by saying he dressed to please himself. The two shared a few more harsh words before Ellison walked out of the establishment. When the assistant manager came in to see what the commotion was about, Sinatra snapped at him, "I don't want anybody in here without coats and ties."