Abercrombie And Fitch Employees Confess What Really Goes Down Behind The Scenes

Work is never fun, but any awful boss or weird co-worker is nothing compared to the horror stories of Abercrombie & Fitch employees. While the retailer may present the image of all-American friendliness and hunky celebrity models, Abercrombie & Fitch behind the scenes is a much darker place.

Redditors share Abercrombie tales of being mistreated by management and weird company policies that border on the insane. Stories from Abercrombie & Fitch employees include those about workers being fired for not having an attractive appearance, being forced to buy clothes, and managers who believe every word from corporate  – to the detriment of their staff.

What's it like to work at Abercrombie & Fitch? It can vary from the mundane (inhaling lots of cologne and wearing uncomfortable sandals) to the excruciating (having to tell people that the store doesn't stock large sizes).

  • They Recruit Attractive People To Work There

    From AberFitch:

    "If a manager or employee see's [sic] a very attractive individual they will without a doubt ask if they would like to work with us. My store is located in the mall and managers and employee's [sic] will often go out into the mall to look for potential workers."

  • Employees Often Feel Mistreated

    From deadfermata:

    "Brother, you need to get out of that job and stop supporting a company that disregards its employees. Never got our breaks on time. They would work us and then just tell us to 'clock out early'. Illegal.

    They were always paranoid about the employees shoplifting stuff. We could not exit the store without being 'checked' out which means having a manager rummage through our bags. This meant cutting into our break time.

    I worked in the one out here in California. It is a sweatshop. The managers are all over their heads with power trips. Fellow co-workers are awesome but the company is sh*t...

    There is clear discrimination in which they have all the minorities and people whose English isn't their first language slaving away in the backroom."

  • The Company Promotes Employees Based On Looks

    From RappingRaptorPants:

    "There's a thing called the 'Cast-of Tracker' that is your top ten most attractive and outgoing female and male models (salesfloor staff). (It is okay and encouraged for an ugly or chubby employee to only work in the back or with the night crew and not be on the salesfloor.) Every year the cast of gets their photo taken and submitted to corporate. Calendars and video propaganda are made and dispersed congratulating the sexiest store locations, etc. Models on the walls and bags are chosen from a national selection process that filters these cast of people. So looks are incredibly important to get corporate attention and therefore promotions."

  • There Are Lots Of Rules About Appearance

    From eternalsunshine44:

    "You have to wear the clothes that they tell you to, which are called either AAAs or Fiftys (because we get two shirts and one bottom for 50% every time they change the Look Policy). Basically it is whatever look they want you to wear for the season, with like five choices for shirts and three for bottoms. Toe nails can only be pink or red. No french. Nothing on fingernails. 'Natural' hairstyles only, but not ACTUALLY natural, just styled to LOOK natural. Makeup, but only to enhance, not to actually be noticed... Uhhh, there is a lot. It kind of sucks. Haha."