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17 People Describe What It's Like Being Related To A Porn Star 

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So what's it like to see a relative in porn? Have no fear, Reddit is here to tell you some awkward family stories. Based on the reactions collected, it appears that seeing a family member in a video of that sort induces a wide range of reactions. For when you think about the behind the scenes, you realize a whole group of real people put together this fantasy using literally their own blood, sweat, and tears (depending on the genre). As such, some relatives of adult entertainers share stories of how they came to accept their family member for their choices, or at least chose to ignore it when they get together over the holidays.

Many others who discovered their relatives in adult movies didn't take it as well, but they fall in the minority overall. The vast majority of relatives appear to respect their family member's choices as well as acknowledging the perks of being in the pleasure industry. Reading through the majority of these accounts provides a touching reminder that even stars have family members who are stoked about their stroke.

Son Recalls How Friends Discussed His Mom's Career

From momisapornstar:

"My mom is/was a [adult actress]. Not quite a 'star,' i.e., she's not Jenna Jameson level, but someone who has had a long and successful career. I knew she did something 'different' from the time I was pretty young. By the time I was 14 or so I started to figure it out, and then ended up seeing her videos around that time.

I was kind of like '[WTF].' Then I realized most of her 'friends' that hung out at our house were also [adult actresses].

Any questions about life with her I'd be glad to answer.

Yes. [My friends] found out early and often. Of course they all go through the '... Your mom's [breasts] are huge. I was watching your mom ... the other day and, [and] I'd [do] your mom so hard..." type of [stuff] at first.

Most people that continue with that ... I lose as friends. I'm pretty numb to that stuff and I'm okay to joke around about it but you have to give it a rest after a while. I can't stand the guys that make that the only thing they can talk about with me.

Most of my real, true friends have moved past it. They may tease me about it occasionally, but more often than not the only time it comes up is when they want to come over for some event so they can hit on my mom's friends. Other than that they're cool about it and appreciate the fact that she's a good mom."

Son Discovers He Technically Was In A Movie

From iwasinaporno

"I discovered that I was actually in a [video]. No, not like that, my mom did [it] while she was pregnant with me. And not some kind of 'she was three months and didn't know it' [videos]. This was full, eight-months-along stuff. The discovery of this was horrifying and gradual.

In middle school she decided to tell me ... She figured someone might eventually find out, and it's better that I know. She was 19, needed money badly, and had to make ends meet. I'm a progressive person. I don't judge her for that, but it's still weird knowing thousands of people have beat it to my mom. Whatever, though. I don't really pay attention to the dates, but she was pregnant with me at the time she was referring to, I just didn't put it together at the time.

Years later I've discovered [it] myself. I figured hey, I'll stay away from vintage [stuff] and I'll be safe, right? Not quite. I stumbled across one of her videos. It was a doctor/patient [movie]. I know the implication there, but I don't believe I was conceived as part of a [video], although she is a single mom. I have pretty much refused to consider that possibility.

Anyway, I watched it. There's kind of a long intro with the doc flirting with a secretary. ... And then my mom walks in. I immediately closed it. Nope, not happening. But I remember her [stage] name, which I'd hoped to never know.

Another year passed. I've been getting into pregnancy [videos] a bit, no idea why. Just a kink, everybody has one. I see a video tagged with pregnancy and her name in the title. Oh, my god. I'm an only child. But it's a girl/girl thing,  maybe the other one is the pregnant one. I debated this for a whole week, but ended up deciding to watch it.

You can see what happened. My mom, heavily pregnant with me, banging some [woman]. I'm pretty sure she's been introduced as a family friend. This is the worst. During the intro, when they're starting to get heated, the other girl actually comments on how much I'm moving. 'You got a little kicker in there!'  They briefly discuss this. I realize I can see tiny movements on camera. I nearly gagged, and stopped watching.

And so, anyway, now I can't watch [that] anymore ... I sympathize too much with my fellow accidental stars."

College Student Thinks Her Conservative Family Will Never Find Out

From riotbell:


"When I moved to college I was barely 18 and couldn't find a job. It didn't take long for me to start doing web shows, and eventually I got a callback from a company to start doing videos. I was never worried about my rather conservative family finding out because I assumed they weren't huge ... watchers. Within three months of shooting the video, my dad had seen it. My ... dad had seen me giving two sloppy BJs to rather well-endowed black guys. Yikes. He confronted me over it via the phone and it is still the most awkward secret we keep. I was so humiliated that I stopped doing both my shows and video work."

This Girl Is Proud Of Her Genes

From bedtyme:

"I found a stack of Playboys in the attic when I was 12, which would have been normal except they were all the same issue. I flipped through and found my mom on one of the pages; as her daughter, at that moment, I was pretty stoked on my genes. She and I laugh about it now."