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Casino Employees and Games Dealers Describe Their Wildest Experiences At The Table

Updated February 15, 2019 10.8k views19 items

Casinos are among of the most dazzling places in the world. These often huge buildings are filled to the brim with flashing machines, thousands of people, and wondrous shows.

It should come as no surprise to learn there are some truly wild casino employee stories out there. After all, combining spectacle with alcohol and the ability for people to win and lose vast amounts of money is likely to create some crazy Vegas stories. 

Whether it's recollections from game dealers about people who've been caught cheating or some professional insight into how casinos trick you, employees have all kinds of tales to tell.

Thanks to the likes of Reddit, we can get an idea of how strange, scary, and funny working inside a casino can be. 

  • Food Fights Are More Costly In Casinos

    From Redditor /u/snicklepants:

    Craziest by far was four drunk kids who got ahold of their dad's credit card, racked up $1500 in room service and had a food fight. With all of it. The final tally was like $16k in damage.

    I can't even describe the carnage. Salad in the jacuzzi jets, potatoes and s**t stuck on the ceiling, I'm certain the comforter was missing so I don't even know what they were doing on the bed that they felt the need to take it. I did a really poor job of describing it, I can't remember a whole lot but it was incredible.

  • Not Everyone Uses The Toilet Facilities

    From Redditor /u/mc8675309:

    A gentleman at a poker table in the five seat unzipped his pants and urinated on the dealer.

    I never caught the signal the dealer used but it was effective as all the guys who normally collect boxes from the tables show up out of nowhere and removed him from the table like they were taking out the trash.

    Table broke up so they could clean, dealer showered and put on a new uniform and I saw her on the floor again a few hours later.

  • Big Spenders Can Lose A Lot Of Money

    From Redditor /u/waffleking9000:

    I work at a casino in New Zealand. Had a woman a few months ago betting $300k a hand. She lost $12 million at my table in less than an hour. The casino then paid for her private charter jet to Melbourne and back ($70,000) so she could get more money. Not exactly sure why she had to go to Melbourne to get more money, but I was doing a 16 hour shift and she came back to my table after her trip and dropped another $15 million.

    Haven’t had anyone close to spending that much money ever.

    She would also flash herself at dealers ‘for luck’ and requested only young white dealers. Almost all baccarat dealers at my casino are Asian so I had to deal to her every night for 10 days.

  • Losing A Shoe Might Be More Sinister Than It Sounds

    From Redditor /u/x0tt:

    I was pit boss at the time. A lady playing baccarat starts complaining that one of her shoes is missing, she's slipped them off while playing and now can't find one of them. So we call surveillance to see if they might find what has happened to it. Shortly afterwards, a security guard brings back the shoe in a plastic bag.

    Some weird guy had noticed a ladies shoe on the floor, surreptitiously kicked it all the way to the bathroom and was eventually caught pleasuring himself with his penis inside her shoe f*****g it.

    She didn't wear the shoe home.