Scare Actors Reveal The Most Extreme And Low-Key Hilarious Stories From The Job  

Hannah Collins
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Halloween season promises a ton of frights. Thousands of people flock to haunted houses, mazes, and amusement parks to get scared silly by a bunch of actors in monstrous prosthetics. If you frequent Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights or other big scare hot spots, you probably wonder what it's like to work as a haunted house actor.

Scare acting is a grueling but rewarding test of a performer's improvisational skills and physical fitness. They work every night of the week, audition months ahead of time (even after being employed for years), and wear cumbersome costumes - regardless of the weather. There's also a chance nervous guests will punch, puke on, or urinate on the workers. 

Is any job worth all that effort? It certainly seems like it; scare actors love what they do, and they have loads of funny stories from haunted houses to share at boring dinner parties.

She Flirted With Guys And Threatened Their Girlfriends With A Hatchet

From an actor's account in USA Today:

I decide to become a murderous “flirty demon,” a name I will continue to call myself days after this job. I approach men who are walking arm-in-arm with their dates, and hold intense eye contact. Then, I strut alongside them, tousle my hair and put my hand on my hip. Finally, out of nowhere, I threaten their girlfriends with a hatchet.

Once I master that, I widen my scare demo: I stalk stare... Some flirt back. Others scream. A few say, “Hey girl!” Plenty laugh.

He Got Kicked In His Nether Regions

From Redditor /u/NeverEnoughMuppets:

We had a guy who would chase after you with a chainsaw (chain removed) after you left the house. You know, just run after you a few steps when you came out the door.

Well, one time these two girls came out and I swear to God, one of the girls just had like an extreme panic response and I guess her body chose fight over flight. She literally chased the guy down while he was yelling, "I'm just kidding! It's just a joke!" and she kicked him in the balls so hard he vomited.

She apologized and said she just freaked out.

Sometimes, Non-Scares Can Be The Funniest

From Redditor /u/FatalB:

We had a haunted outdoor maze section. I would chase people dressed as a hillbilly werewolf with a real chainsaw ([replaced] the bar and chain with a fake one). The smell of real chainsaw exhaust would hang in the air and only added to the effectiveness of the scare. I liked to hide near the exit in hidden walls. I would start the chainsaw only five feet away from my prey.

One night I was scaring a particular group of teenagers particularly well. The girls where borderline in tears and the guys where trying to push them in front but would run away full speed anytime I started the saw. They only finally made it to the exit when a group lead by a 10 year old passed them and the youngest [made fun of them].

The kid barely flinched when I ran at him with the saw, and when I got close he just stopped and looked at me and said, "If you're a werewolf then why would you need a chainsaw?" Proceeds right past me out the exit.

The Supervisor Congratulated Them For Making Guests Pee Their Pants

From an actor's account in Los Angeles Magazine:

Some guests are runners. Some will cower in the corner. That’s the worst thing you can do; that means we’re all going to surround you until you get on the floor and curl up in a ball. Then all six of us would hold hands and dance around them until we saw a puddle on the floor. We’d get a high-five from the supervisor if somebody pissed their pants.