Every Secret Ivana Trump Spilled About The Trump Family In Her New Book

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In Ivana Trump’s book Raising Trump, Donald Trump’s first wife tells all and shares crazy stories about the Trump family that are sure to make your head turn - because, let's be real, when Ivana Trump tells all, she really tells all. Of course, the crazy stories may not surprise anyone all that much; Ivana is, after all, the woman who insisted she’s actually the First Lady on Good Morning America by saying, “I’m basically first Trump wife. Okay? I’m first lady.” In that light Ivana and Donald Sr. might have actually been a match made in heaven, as he has said some outlandish things of his own, not the least of which including claiming John McCain isn’t a war hero, and who could forget the infamous 'grab her by the p***y' tape?

Raising Trump may reveal some insane things about the childhoods of Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric, but it's important to remember that both Donald Sr. and Ivana had interesting childhoods of their own. Donald Sr. reportedly punched his second grade music teacher in the face and Ivana was reportedly an alternate on the Czechoslovak ski team during the 1972 Olympics. So it seems crazy childhoods are just part of the Trump way.

Exactly what craziness unfolded in the Trump Towers? Below are the craziest stories from Ivana’s Raising Trump.