Behind The Scenes Stories From McDonald's Workers Prove These People Have Seen It All

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The golden arches. The hallowed grounds on which the Big Mac is doled out daily. The sacred haven for 2 AM drunk folk and breakfast-seekers alike. McDonald's sees a fair amount of strange folk passing through the drive-thru. But what about those that work behind the counter? What do the burger-flippers, fry-fryers and order-takers have to say about their place of employment? McDonald's employees have taken to the Internet to share their tales about McDonald's.  

There's no better place to find these first-hand accounts than Reddit. The site is chock full of crazy tales from McDonald's – stories that involve bodily fluids, perverts, physical injuries, thievery, and debauchery as far as the eyes of Ronald McDonald can see. Delve into the behind the scenes stories from McDonald's workers and prepare to wonder if you'll ever be lovin' it again.