Total Nerd People Who Hate Star Wars Explain Why  

Zack Howe
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You may already be aware of this little known fact, but people love Star Wars. They've based their lives around it. Some people love that far, far away galaxy so much that they've actually made Star Wars fan films. Believe it or not, though, there are actually people who don't like Star Wars. Some hate it so vehemently that they have said some pretty shocking stuff about the franchise. There's a third, inexplicable group of people who have never seen Star Wars but they are completely irrelevant.

While movie-goers dislike George Lucas's universe solely because others love it so much, other people have legitimate gripes and can articulate quite persuasively why they dislike Star Wars (it often has to do with a particular Skywalker's acting chops).

This list explores some of these gripes. If you are a Force fanatic, be prepared. Some of these reasons are particularly harsh.

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Star Wars Just Isn't All That Stimulating

From Uranium_moth:

"It's an incredibly basic and formulaic story with a very common structure. [It's] not exactly difficult to understand. Most people have low standards and are easily impressed. Laser swords, princesses, evil lords and magic [mixed] with some really good John Williams music [made] people will lap it up.

"I get it, I'm just not entertained by it. I want more depth and meaning behind my films. I work in the industry and you tend to find that those who are more involved with filmmaking and thus are exposed to more kinds of films are far less impressed by them than the general population are.

"You have to accept that not everyone likes what you like, it's kinda patronizing to assume that it's because they don't understand it. Maybe you don't understand anything better so you think it's good,"

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The Storm Troopers Are Incompetent, Also Other Things Are Wrong

From hbgk10:

"I remember going to see the original in the theatre when it came out. And even then I didn't care for it. Partly, the story - well, maybe the dialogue - seemed cheesy. But it's all the little things. One or two I can get past, but elite troops that can't hit the broad side of a barn, and wear armor they can't see out of... the fact that clearly intelligent robots (well some were intelligent) were essentially slaves... worms the size of a sky scraper that live on asteroids or in barren deserts (what the hell do they normally eat when our heroes aren't around?). It goes on and on. I just couldn't manage to suspend my disbelief enough. But what moved it from 'meh' to 'I actively hate this' was the hordes of frothing fanboys that will go berserk at [if someone doesn't think the movie is] better than Jesus with a side of Buddha."

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The Rebel Victory Is Unbelievable, Logistically Speaking

From a former Redditor:

"With regards to IV, V, and VI, I utterly hate how the Rebels, with their extremely limited supplies and nearly no resources, let alone so few ships, [push] the Imperials into the Remnant, who [have] 20k+ Star Destroyers (and the accompanying vessels to each), limitless resources at their disposal, and other weapons of mass destruction at their disposal. Even with the infighting in the Moff Council after Palpatine [dies], the Rebels should have been defeated with little to no issue."

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Darth Vader Should Have Killed All The Main Characters

From a former Redditor:

"I have trouble articulating my lack of enjoyment for the series. It's annoying too because I'm friends with a large group of people who love the series and can't wait till it comes out next week and I'm completely indifferent to it...

"The whole idea of the force just seems stupid to me personally. Darth Vader can kill people with his mind and choke them to death yet he is going to fight all the main characters with his light saber?

"And I'm sure the fans of the series have some explanation for why this happens that is in the film but it just doesn't work for me. Plus I just think the acting is so bad. In all six of them really."

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