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Taylor Swift's Squad Describes What It's Really Like Being Her Friend

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Having a famous friend would be a surreal experience for anyone. Now imagine that famous friend is Taylor Swift, she of the mega popular country-pop tunes and over-the-top tours. That would be crazy, even if you're famous yourself.

If you've ever been curious about what it's like to be in Taylor Swift's squad, her closest friends have shared firsthand accounts of having a special bond with someone so instantly recognizable. There are added pressures, to be sure, but in other ways, your squad is your squad, whether you're Taylor Swift or an anonymous citizen. As Taylor's besties describe it, their friendships provide support, warmth, and most of all, fun. They think Taylor Swift is the best.

And Swift reciprocates. She seems to go out of her way to keep her squad somewhat sacred, and when details emerge about what it's like to be friends with Taylor Swift, it's a glimpse into another world. These stories from Taylor Swift's friends also touch on something universal: the unwavering connection people share with their closest pals.

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