Weird History

The Day Russia Completely Ran Out Of Vodka

When many Russians celebrate, they tend to do so with a vengeance — not that anyone could blame them after all that they had been through by the time May 9, 1945, rolled around. During WWII, many German atrocities were carried out in Russia, leaving the country's people overcome with grief after spending years being physically and mentally beaten down, literally starved by war and dictatorship, and — on top of it all — many were completely terrified of what may come next. Then it happened: Deep within the grips of war, depression, and hopelessness, Hitler's Germany finally surrendered and the whole world rejoiced — especially Russia.

The Russians celebrated the end of WWII so successfully that they somehow managed to completely run out of vodka. The country-wide party quickly turned into a nationwide hangover, followed by the sad realization that they were completely tapped out of the very product that their national budget relied upon. In a few parts of the world, it was simply May 9, 1945. For most, it will forever be known as a day of victory. For others, it was the day Russia threw a huge party and ran out of vodka.