People Who Won Lifetime Supplies Of Something Describe How Things Are Working Out For Them

What would you do with a lifetime supply of Mars candy bars? Sure, they'd taste delicious for a while, but eventually you and everyone you know would get sick of the sugary snack. Sometimes being a forever winner is not all it's chalked up to be.

Some people win lifetime supplies from now-defunct companies, and other contestant winners get prizes they can't even use. One ended up asking, “Where are we going to put all these apples?” Just like anything in life, winning a lifetime supply can be amazing or it can be a burden. These people who won lifetime supplies of something shared their stories with the internet, and in some cases it's hard to decide if they were super fortunate or not so lucky after all.

  • This Person Donates Mars Bars To His Local Food Bank

    Redditor /u/PiratePegLeg wrote that they won a lifetime supply of Mars Bars when they were 15 years old. The Redditor received a box of 30 chocolate bars delivered every single month. The free candy was pretty great for the first six months because they could share with their friends. However, after about a year, the sugary treat became a burden, and /u/PiratePegLeg couldn't even give them away.

    The Redditor's solution was to donate the Mars Bars to a local food bank every few months.


  • Enough Soap To Last A Lifetime Delivered All At Once

    Enough Soap To Last A Lifetime Delivered All At Once
    Photo: TheLewisRepublic / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Redditor /u/Pchanizzle wrote that their parents received a lifetime supply of bar soap after buying a water softener. However, the company opted to give the couple their lifetime supply, which consisted of thousands of soap bars, all at once. Over 20 years later, they still have plenty of Lan-o-Sheen brand soap left.


  • This Person Tested Toilet Paper Then Won A Lifetime Supply Of Charmin

    This Person Tested Toilet Paper Then Won A Lifetime Supply Of Charmin
    Photo: Brandon Blinkenberg / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 2.5

    It was over 20 years ago when Redditor /u/Buddhabear1 fell in love with a brand of Charmin toilet paper infused with baby oil. However, after the Redditor left Southern California, they could no longer find the product. After contacting Proctor & Gamble, the individual was informed that they discontinued the line. They then asked the Redditor if they wanted to be a product tester.

    They agreed and tested different kinds of toilet paper over the course of two weeks. The Redditor answered a few questions regarding their experience with the products. After completing the survey, /u/Buddhabear1 was told they'd be compensated with coupons in the mail. Now, over 20 years have passed and every single month they receive a coupon for a free pack of Charmin toilet paper.

  • This Family Took A Cash Payout Over Free Video Games

    Redditor /u/Jake382 and their family were shown the money. After playing McDonald's Monopoly, they won 8 EA Sports games each year for life. However, two weeks later the company contacted them and offered the family a cash option of $24,000 instead of the games.

    Upon the insistence of the Redditor's mother, who cried when the company told her about the cash, they took the payout.

  • It Was Nice To Know That There Would Always Be Hot Fries

    It Was Nice To Know That There Would Always Be Hot Fries
    Photo: Andy Capp's / Amazon

    Redditor /u/Very_legitimate wrote that their friend won a lifetime supply of hot fries after his sister found a worm in her snack. The Redditor enjoyed the experience because they knew they'd get to indulge in the snack whenever they went to their buddy's house.

  • This Lactose-Intolerant Redditor Can't Enjoy Their Supply Of Ice Cream

    Imagine winning a lifetime supply of something you can't even eat. Redditor /u/dynamovolition received a lifetime supply of ice cream after winning a local naming contest when they were 12 years old.

    The company gave the Redditor a voucher they could reuse whenever they wanted a tub of the delicious dairy product. The only issue: The individual is lactose intolerant.