People Share Stories Of Friends Who Went Missing

There are few things more terrifying than having a loved one or friend go missing. Sometimes there is closure months later when a body is found; other times, people seem to vanish without a trace. On Reddit, people are sharing their difficult stories about friends and loved ones who went missing.

  • His Mother May Have Been Holding Him Against His Will

    From Reddit u/Animal_Wizzard:

    In middle school, there was this kid in our class. He had anger issues and some type of disability that made it hard for him to talk about how he was feeling. I remember vividly one day, the class was doing something quietly, and the teacher was talking with him. She must have said something to upset him, because he picked up the chair, threw it across the room, and stormed out of the classroom. There was another time when I was walking back into the class - I think I was coming back from lunch - and he started punching the metal lockers, then smacking his head against them.

    Someone either told a teacher or they heard him, because he was quickly removed somewhere for the rest of the day. He wasn't always mean, though. For show and tell, where we needed to take a video about a talent of ours, he did Rubik's Cubes and the whole class (including me) asked him to do it in person. It was amazing.

    One day, we all realized he hadn't come to school in a while. We didn't notice right away because it was normal for him to take off a day or two, but this lasted a week... After awhile of worrying, some kids in our class found out that there was a missing person report for him. There was a lot of gossip during that time, and I don't know most of it. After a year, everyone had forgotten about him, except for the occasional "Remember when?". It was during that point when his body was found washed up from some source of water. I'm not exactly sure where it was. After that, gossip exploded, saying that he ran away, was really kidnapped, and other things. About half a year later, I heard that he was actually held against his will by his mother, and she threw him in some type of water source to get rid of him.

  • Disappeared While Riding Her Bike Home At Night

    From Reddit u/SeedlingsRise:

    The younger sister of a girl I knew in my hometown went missing while riding her bike home late at night back in 2012. She was 21 or 22 at the time. Really pretty, vivacious girl. The whole community was upset over it.

    They found her smashed-up bike a week or so later 25 miles or so from where she was last seen. She rode past several businesses on her way home, so there was a lot of video surveillance footage. Police tracked down a truck that seemed like it was following her.

    The owner of the truck was arrested, and they found her body about a week later. She apparently put up a good fight when she was abducted - her killer checked in to the hospital the next day with multiple stab wounds. He confessed to the crime in exchange for no chance of getting the death penalty and said that she pepper sprayed him as well. I remember her sister talking to the press while she was missing, saying, “Keep an eye out for someone that looks beat up, like they got in a fight.” She knew her sister would go down swinging.

    Really sad story, I think about it a lot. It’s a college town, and it wasn’t uncommon at all for young adults to walk or bike home after a night out. At her age, my friends and I were doing the same thing. I feel like the city was never really the same after she was killed.

  • Professor Went Missing Before Final Exam

    From Reddit u/Personal_Conflict346:

    The professor of my Criminology 101 class in college went missing before our final exam. We didn’t have to take the final and just ended the class with our current grade.

    To this day, they haven’t found him, but I think he is still alive and is trying to not be found. He was too weird of a dude and had too much joy when he would show us pictures of dead bodies.

  • Vanished From The Navy

    From Reddit u/Missesmommypants:

    26 years ago this Valentines Day, a friend of mine went missing between checkpoints for the Navy ship he was reporting for duty to. Just vanished. He went through two checkpoints and never reached the third.

    They searched everywhere for him, they even moved all of the ships out of the bay and drug it, but never found even a trace of him. Several years later, the Navy declared him dead. His wife was pregnant at the time of his disappearance. His family has been through hell and continued searching for him even after he was declared dead. Truly awful situation.