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14 Times Google Actually Saved Someone's Life

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Most people are familiar with Google mainly through its search engine and don't give the company in general much thought. But Google has been responsible for some of the biggest and most exciting technological innovations of the 21st century. With advancements such as faster internet speeds, free wifi for struggling countries, mapping out the entire planet from the quiet suburbs to the dense jungles, and even cars that drive themselves, Google saves lives in innumerable ways. But the best Google inventions Google maps for example, saves lives and stops evil by catching criminals in the act, and other inventions such as Google cardboard do good things like saving a defect heart of a child. And so here are 22 good things Google has done that have saved lives and stopped crimes.
  • Google Cardboard Saves Toddler

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    The prominence of virtual reality is giving rise to some pretty strange inventions, and Google Cardboard is no exception. Made from cheap material, the $20 pair of cardboard goggles allows you to view 3D images in real time while, by mounting your smartphone to the apparatus. It may seem silly, but so far the ramifications have been huge - and even lifesaving. A team of surgeons at Nicklaus Children's Hospital used it to save Teegan Lexcon, a baby born with a heart and lung defect. With the device, they were able to map out her heart in 3D and facilitate their operation.
  • Doctor Uses Google Glass to Give Patient the Most Helpful Treatment

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    You might be hard-pressed to find a doctor using Google Glass to help save lives and effectively treat patients, but that's exactly what Dr. Steven Horng did. His patient had a hemorrhage and was also allergic to most of the available medications. Rather than laboriously going through his patient's medical records, Horng used Google Glass to quickly look them up and find the most appropriate and helpful treatment.
  • Caroline Greeves Self-Diagnosed Her Cancer with Google

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    When Caroline Greaves was told that her throat pain was just an infection, she was skeptical and decided to Google her symptoms. Having found out that she matched all the symptoms of a rare form of oral cancer, she returned to her doctor and they were able to diagnose her in time for treatment. She underwent six months of chemotherapy and went into remission.
  • Austrailian Hostage Saved by Quick Google Check

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY
    While at the Australian embassy in Baghdad, John Martinkus was taken hostage by terrorists seeking ransom. They thought he was working for the CIA and threatened to kill him, but he was actually just a journalist. In order to prove his identity, they did a Google search on him and released him once they found out the truth.