Doctors And Nurses Reveal Their Patients' Creepiest Last Words

There is a huge amount of curiosity surrounding the last words people say before they pass. Some people have even gone to Reddit to share their stories about the last words that were spoken by people they knew - and many of the stories are pretty bizarre. The final words spoken by people are of interest mostly because of who the person was or what relationship they had with those they left behind. Interestingly, a large number of people want to find out what famous people said as they were nearing their ends.

Other people are drawn to the last words of condemned inmates, wondering if the convicted showed any signs of remorse - or if they were defiant until their last breath. Others ponder if perhaps any secrets were revealed. Even still, many are curious about ordinary people's last words. People feel as though there is a lesson to be learned that only people nearing the end have knowledge of - and just might share. Naturally, people who work in hospitals hear more final partings than anyone else - and here is a collection of stories in which medical professionals describe their patients' last words. 

  • Man Asks Why This Is Happening To Him

    From Redditor /u/Awk_Ward1:

    I work in a cardiac ICU. We had a patient who had a pulmonary artery rupture (a rare, but known complication of a Swan-Ganz catheter). One minute he was joking around with us and the next bright red blood was spewing out of his mouth. His last words before he [passed] were, 'Why is this happening to me?' It still haunts me years later.

  • He Told His Nurse She Looked Like An Angel

    From Redditor /u/abbztract:

    I'm a nurse and was previously working at an assisted living community on the dementia/Alzheimer's unit. My very favorite patient had been declining pretty steadily, so I was checking on him very frequently. We would have long chats and joke around with each other, but in the last two weeks of his life, he stopped talking completely and didn't really acknowledge conversation directed at him at all. I finished my medication rounds for the evening and went to see him before I left. I told him I was leaving for the night and that I'd see him the following day, and he looked me in the eyes and smiled SO genuinely and said, 'You look like an angel.' I thought it was so sweet because he had not seemed lucid in weeks.

    He [passed] the next morning. It really messed with me.

  • He Told Them To 'Get Home Safe'

    From Redditor /u/melissakfern:

    'Get home safe, little one.'

    It wasn't what he said - he said the same thing to me any time I had him as a patient for the evening. It was how he said it. He gave me this look and pause like he knew. The DNR's in my experience always know when it's time. It's creepy.

  • Nurse Hears Man Curse Jesus

    From Redditor /u/Lolacsd:

    Ugh. I was a hospice nurse for many years. Super gratifying job for a nurse, surprisingly. As a 'regular' nurse, you are rarely offered thanks. Hospice nursing is an island unto itself. Mostly peaceful, lots of times sad, often a blessing.

    This is sad, but also creepy, and I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it. Had a 20-year-old kid, gang member, who [had] primary liver cancer. Super unusual, aggressive, and terminal. He was angry at the universe. His family was there to comfort him, but he literally [spat] in their faces. Every ounce of energy he had left was angry and mean and ugly. His mom would beg him to lighten up and accept Jesus into his heart. He would swing at her and tell her to eff herself. The family remained beside, in hopes he would chill out at the end.

    His last day, hours, moments, he was angry. The family called me into the room, and told me they thought he was going (he wasn't responding, Cheyne-Stokes breaths, eyes glossy, and skin cold - the end was imminent). His lovely mother, in her dearest attempt, whispered to him to go towards the light, to her Jesus. With his [final] breath he opened his eyes, looked at her and said, 'Eff your Jesus!!!' A second or two later, he slowly turned his head to the left, and got the most horrific look on his face as if he was looking at something we couldn't see, and horrified, like in a bad movie, his face contorted, and he screamed with his last breath, eyes wide, 'Oh sh*t, oh sh*t, OH NOOOOOOO!!!!' then made a guttural noise and promptly fell back into the bed and [passed]. Every family member was shaking and too frightened to speak, and I left the room and took two days off. I don't care if I never find out what he saw.

  • He Told Them If He Turned To Face The Other Way, He'd Perish

    From Redditor /u/PaperRainbow:

    Came into an early shift and was handed over a patient who'd been very anxious and had a panic attack overnight. He was anxious all morning, but obs all fine, ecg fine, and so I just asked someone to sit with him to keep an eye on him/reassure him for me. He gets worse, really panicky, heavy breathing, he's on his side in the fetal position. Drs will be in in 10 minutes, so I tell him I'll get them to him as soon as they come in but ask if he'll lie on his back for me to help his breathing. He tells me he won't make it until they get here and that he won't face the other way. Obs still all fine at this point, but he's more agitated so again I suggest he move position for comfort and that's when he says 'I won't make it until the Drs get here. If I turn to face the other way I'll [be gone].' He repeated this a few times to me.

    He arrested literally as the Drs walked in and he [passed] on the side he'd been refusing to turn to. I'm convinced he knew.

  • She Told The Nurse Her Deceased Husband Was There

    From Redditor /u/Jesspandapants:

    I'm an RN and while I was a student I was caring for a lady who had end-stage renal failure, had a DNAR, and was shutting down. We were having a little chat, well I was chatting away while helping her put on some lotion, when she stopped, looked over my shoulder, and said, 'Bill's here love, I've got to go,' and swiftly stopped breathing. Read her old notes and Bill was her deceased husband.