Graveyard Shift

Doctors And Nurses Reveal Their Patients' Creepiest Last Words

There is a huge amount of curiosity surrounding the last words people say before they pass. Some people have even gone to Reddit to share their stories about the last words that were spoken by people they knew - and many of the stories are pretty bizarre. The final words spoken by people are of interest mostly because of who the person was or what relationship they had with those they left behind. Interestingly, a large number of people want to find out what famous people said as they were nearing their ends.

Other people are drawn to the last words of condemned inmates, wondering if the convicted showed any signs of remorse - or if they were defiant until their last breath. Others ponder if perhaps any secrets were revealed. Even still, many are curious about ordinary people's last words. People feel as though there is a lesson to be learned that only people nearing the end have knowledge of - and just might share. Naturally, people who work in hospitals hear more final partings than anyone else - and here is a collection of stories in which medical professionals describe their patients' last words.