18 People Describe Messages They Received From Beyond the Grave

Messages from the afterlife can be difficult to believe in considering most people have a hard time responding to simple text messages. However, messages from the grave sometimes bypass that line between life and death to relay their contents. The stories here, all told by people who received messages from beyond the grave, get creepy, but they make you realize the possibility of communicating with ghosts. For some of these storytellers, their contact with the other side gave them newfound hope and belief in potentially seeing their loved ones again. On Reddit, dozens of stories exist from people who received messages from the dead, both loved ones and unknown. Whether through phone calls, answering machines, or even in dreams, each message send chills down your spine. 

  • She Only Heard Static On The Line

    From Waitsthegreat:

    "My aunt passed away from various illnesses she had been battling all her life. She was in her 50s and both her parents out lived her. So one morning about 7 AM my Grandma (aunt's mother) gets a phone call. The caller ID said it was my aunt calling. When she was alive, that was the normal time for her to call almost every day. My Grandma answered and could only hear static, but she stayed on the line repeating her daughter's name until the call was disconnected on the other side."

  • An Answering Machine Message

    From Agua61:

    "I had a message left on a 1990ish answering machine that I very strongly suspect was left by my deceased father.

    Okay, here's the event. I'm leaving out a lot of details because it would make me easily identifiable to anyone who knew me during these events.

    In 2005, my 79-year-old dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness. He lived in the town I grew up in, about 140 miles from where I live now, but not in the house I grew up in. My mom died in 1999, he remarried, and moved into his new wife's house.

    As they get towards the end of life, they're really helpless. My stepmother, being three years older than my dad, absolutely could not care for him when he got to this stage. We knew that was coming, so I arranged to take a leave of absence in the fall of 2006 when he started having difficulty caring for himself. I moved back into the old house I grew up in, cleaned it up, aired it out, and I moved dad in and cared for him until he died in the house around the end of that year.

    Gathering myself together, mentally and physically, I returned back to the office following the New Year's holiday. In February of that year, two months after he passed on, I finally made partner with the law firm after being there close to a decade. I know my dad would have been very proud and I expressed to family, friends, and folks at the office several times that I wished he'd been alive to see this.

    Having inherited the old home place and the land that accompanied it, I ended up going up there every two weeks during the summers to cut the grass.

    Many months went by, perhaps a year, and I'd well given up wondering if dad would contact me. Nothing at all happened in the house. I came in one Friday night and, as was not uncommon, there were messages on the old answering machine. Usually, they were just robo-calls from a politician or recorded marketing pitches. I went through them, erasing them as I went, until I got to a very peculiar one.

    It was very garbled sounding. You could tell it was a man's voice, but it sounded like the voice itself was static. Trying to spell it out phonetically and breaking it syllabically, the voice is saying, 'wa hu uh rah- u-lay you ah... May-hee pah-ah.' There is another voice in the background saying two words: 'yeah, yeah.' Yes, it sounded like one of those EVP recordings (I will never try to make one of those). If this was a spirit voice, my super intelligent wife and I believe it was saying 'want to [con]gratulate you on making partner.' We are convinced that is what the voice is trying to say. If it wasn't a spirit voice, it was a horrible, horrible connection - not even a voice box for people with tracheotomies is that garbled sounding (and it didn't have that droning sound either) - it really didn't sound like what I associate with a bad connection in that the message wasn't broken up as if the call was dropping out."

  • Mom Stayed Around For A Bit After Death

    From summerfield85:

    "My mom passed away on a Tuesday. On Wednesday, I was home alone when phone rang. When I picked up phone, I distinctly heard my mom's voice saying, 'Lo? Lo?' I said 'Mom?' Then, they disconnected.

    Lo is a nickname that my mom used for me. She was the only person who called me that. And it was very definitely her NY accent, her timbre, her voice.

    There were other phenomena in the two weeks following. Items related to my mom, flew across the room twice. One of those, a bracelet, happened in front of two people."

  • Same Message In Two Different Dreams

    From Doogans:

    "When my grandfather passed away my mother and I just moved into our new home. Within a week of his passing I had a dream that the phone rings and its him on the other line. He says 'Hey Heather, do you know who this is?' I didn't know what to say because it sounded like him but I knew in my dream that he passed away. He just laughs and says 'I don't have much time. Can I speak to your mom?' And I say 'Of course' and run into the room to give my mom the phone but I dropped it and it got disconnected.

    The next day I tell my mom about it and she gets a serious look and tells me that he called her in her dream and said  'I don't have much time. I need you to turn off Heather's heater.' She wakes up goes into my room and the heater is shooting flames out of it.

    The heater was an old plug in one that was his and I used it every night. Pointing it at my bed when I went to sleep. Not sure if this is even glitch worthy but its a sacred story from my family and it give me the chills the few times I tell people."

  • He Told Her To Stop Scaring Herself

    From Kelseykiwi:

    "My grandfather passed last February while I was about six months pregnant. About two months later I was worried about my baby because he had stopped moving. It was an incredibly stressful day. I fell asleep and had a dream that my grandpa walked into my living room, gave me a big hug and said everything was fine and that I needed to stop scaring myself. Went to the doctor the next day and sure enough, baby was fine just running out of room to move.

    Also, a few days after I had my son, I had a dream that he was standing by my back door and said he couldn't stay long he 'has to get back,' but wanted to say he loved me and was proud of my son.

    It's nice to have some validation for this. There's no way it was just a dream."

  • Her Voice Was Scared And She Said, "Please Help Me"

    From needsanswersnows:

    "I lost my sister this February to 'suicide.' I put that in quotation marks, because I still do not believe it was a suicide for the fact she left no explanation for anybody, and more so didn't tell me anything before it (being a year apart in age we were extremely close).

    Now to the event this morning that has me extremely rattled and upset.

    I was asleep in my bed with my girlfriend when I was waken by my phone ringing (It woke her up too, this is how I know it wasn't me dreaming). It was 3:37 AM. I know this because when it rang I looked at the screen to see what number was calling me and saw the time. It was an private number (unknown number). Usually I will not answer private number calls, but being half asleep and guessing it was probably a drunk friend ringing to be picked up from somewhere I answered.

    I said 'Hello,' and all I could hear was this muffled kinda static sounds, No one replied so again I said 'Hello.' No response, so I thought it was probably just a prank call, and was about to hang up when I heard my name. It was clear as day and sounded 100% like my sister. I kinda froze and started to panic said her name a few times pretty much pleading it to be her.

    Then all I heard was 'I'm sorry. I love you. Please help me.' The last bit is what has made me really upset and uneasy.

    I asked where she was then I heard a really really loud screeching sound then it went back to the dial tone.

    When it hung up I turned to my girlfriend she said my face was pale white, she asked why I was saying my sister's name and what was wrong and it's then that I had a complete meltdown and cried harder then I ever had. I didn't go back to sleep. I just sat up with my phone in my hand waiting. Today even I took the day off work and I have just been sitting with my phone."