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18 People Describe Messages They Received From Beyond the Grave

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Messages from the afterlife can be difficult to believe in considering most people have a hard time responding to simple text messages. However, messages from the grave sometimes bypass that line between life and death to relay their contents. The stories here, all told by people who received messages from beyond the grave, get creepy, but they make you realize the possibility of communicating with ghosts. For some of these storytellers, their contact with the other side gave them newfound hope and belief in potentially seeing their loved ones again. On Reddit, dozens of stories exist from people who received messages from the dead, both loved ones and unknown. Whether through phone calls, answering machines, or even in dreams, each message send chills down your spine. 

  • He Told Her To Stop Scaring Herself

    From Kelseykiwi:

    "My grandfather passed last February while I was about six months pregnant. About two months later I was worried about my baby because he had stopped moving. It was an incredibly stressful day. I fell asleep and had a dream that my grandpa walked into my living room, gave me a big hug and said everything was fine and that I needed to stop scaring myself. Went to the doctor the next day and sure enough, baby was fine just running out of room to move.

    Also, a few days after I had my son, I had a dream that he was standing by my back door and said he couldn't stay long he 'has to get back,' but wanted to say he loved me and was proud of my son.

    It's nice to have some validation for this. There's no way it was just a dream."

  • Her Voice Was Scared And She Said, "Please Help Me"

    From needsanswersnows:

    "I lost my sister this February to 'suicide.' I put that in quotation marks, because I still do not believe it was a suicide for the fact she left no explanation for anybody, and more so didn't tell me anything before it (being a year apart in age we were extremely close).

    Now to the event this morning that has me extremely rattled and upset.

    I was asleep in my bed with my girlfriend when I was waken by my phone ringing (It woke her up too, this is how I know it wasn't me dreaming). It was 3:37 AM. I know this because when it rang I looked at the screen to see what number was calling me and saw the time. It was an private number (unknown number). Usually I will not answer private number calls, but being half asleep and guessing it was probably a drunk friend ringing to be picked up from somewhere I answered.

    I said 'Hello,' and all I could hear was this muffled kinda static sounds, No one replied so again I said 'Hello.' No response, so I thought it was probably just a prank call, and was about to hang up when I heard my name. It was clear as day and sounded 100% like my sister. I kinda froze and started to panic said her name a few times pretty much pleading it to be her.

    Then all I heard was 'I'm sorry. I love you. Please help me.' The last bit is what has made me really upset and uneasy.

    I asked where she was then I heard a really really loud screeching sound then it went back to the dial tone.

    When it hung up I turned to my girlfriend she said my face was pale white, she asked why I was saying my sister's name and what was wrong and it's then that I had a complete meltdown and cried harder then I ever had. I didn't go back to sleep. I just sat up with my phone in my hand waiting. Today even I took the day off work and I have just been sitting with my phone."

  • A Call From "Emily"

    From americanrootpaste:

    "Six years or so ago a customer came in with a Samsung A707 (an old red flip phone). She looked shaken up. I worked at At&T at the time, and was used to people being pissed off or upset.

    The first thing this gal told me was that I was going to think she was crazy. I worked at an inner city cell phone store where the strange and the odd often frequented. This woman didn't strike me as unstable. In fact, she reminded me of my aunt.

    She told me that she worked in a funeral home. That this phone was her personal phone and that she didn't use it all that often. She told me several days before that point she had received a call from a gentlemen needing to use the funeral homes services. After the call she went about the day business as usual. When she was leaving she received a phone call on her cell. The name on the screen said 'Emily.'

    This didn't seem strange to me. The lady continued telling me how she only had a few names saved in her address book. She didn't recall and Emily being saved in it. For those who don't know in order for a name to pop up on an incoming call, the name would have to be saved in the address book.

    This is when the women really started looking disconcerted. She tossed the phone on the counter which shook me out of my lulled state. She started getting a little loud and said that any person that calls her now, the phone numbers caller ID says 'Emily.'
    She said even numbers that weren't saved. I confirmed this by calling from my own cell phone and then from our store phone, 'Emily' came up for both. I also checked the address book to make sure my co-workers weren't messing with me. Nope just three numbers, none labeled 'Emily.' I checked the additional information to see if the name 'Emily' was in any of them. Nothing.

    I was a little perplexed, but I didn't then and still don't know much about software, just that bugs could happen. Never on a basic phone like that, but that was the only thing I could think of.

    I told the lady of my thought process. She said something along the lines of 'Yes, that makes sense.' Why the name Emily? 'That was the name of the recently deceased. The man that called - the one I told you about, was calling for a person named Emily.'

    Her saying this sent a tingle up my spine. It didn't and doesn't make any sense. Trying to think of something logical I made sure to ask whether the incoming call was on her cell. She said the call was for the funeral home and was made to the office phone there.

    I had a warranty phone sent to her and never heard anything more."

  • Tanya Sent A Text From The Great Beyond

    From Gracecarsar:

    "When I was 16 my parents sent me away to a private boarding school for troubled teens. It was a life-changing experience for me. Mostly because I was able to grow emotionally during my three years at the school, it was really what I needed to help better my life. I owe a lot of that to the amazing staff at the school, they were all so dedicated and caring. Two of them in particular really impacted my life. Tanya and Tim were married. They were incredible people, kind and amazingly compassionate. They had both struggled in their pasts with some of the same issues as me and it helped me put things into perspective in my life and see where I wanted to go. I was very connected to the two of them.

    I graduated in 2009 and that next fall when I was off at college I got a phone call from one of the current students at the boarding school. She told me that Tanya was sick. She had been in remission for cancer during the end of my time at the school but I thought she had gotten better, I thought she was going to make it. But she wasn't. The cancer had returned and she had lost her will to fight; she was in her final days. That was why they wanted to get in touch with the former students, they wanted us to say our goodbyes.

    I called Tanya's phone right away. No answer so I left a message, awkwardly trying to tell her I wanted to say hello but not trying to discuss the fact that she was dying. I hung up and got a text a few minutes later. It was a twp part text, before I had an iPhone and often texts that were too long would be sent in two parts.

    (1/2) 'Hi Grace, it's Tim. Tanya is resting right now, she's not feeling well these days. But send her an email because I read them to her every day and she would love to hear from you...' (2/2) 'She actually just woke up, I told her you called and she was so excited, she sends you her love and she hopes you're doing well.'

    Tanya never got to read my email because she passed away that next night. I spoke to Tim a few days later and he was a mess. I saw him a few weeks later when he came to visit me at my college. He was visiting all the people that were close to Tanya, making his way around the country. He told me that before Tanya passed away she had said that she was going to become an angel and play tricks on all her friends. Tim laughed as he told me. He admitted that he had experienced a few things that made him feel she was still close by. It helped him cope with everything at the time.

    About a year later it was Thanksgiving morning of 2010 and I was sleeping at my parents' house. I was awoken by the sound of a text. I rolled over and looked at my phone and suddenly my heart skipped a beat and I shot up in bed. There it was, right in front of me, part two of the text I had gotten almost a year before, 'She actually just woke up, I told her you called and she was so excited, she sends you her love and she hopes you're doing well.' But the only difference was that I didn't recognize the number, it was a local area code but I knew it wasn't Tanya's number because I still had her saved in my phone. I called Tim a little while later, I asked him if he knew who the number belonged to.

    After I read him the number he was understandably confused. You see, it belonged to a man named Joe. Joe was how Tim and Tanya originally met. He is a mentally and physically handicapped man that both Tim and Tanya spent time as a caretaker for. Joe is confined to a wheelchair, has a low IQ, and needs help to complete most of his daily tasks. And the number was his, but that didn't make much sense. Joe cannot send texts or receive texts with his phone. He has a phone that remains clipped to the side of his belt and he has three numbers saved in speed dial, which are his caretakers and 911. Tim had to teach Joe how to press the right buttons to call the numbers in case of an emergency. There was no way that Joe could have texted me, let alone the exact text that I had gotten a year before. The phone doesn't send texts, and Joe cannot read or write. Since Tim was still a caretaker for Joe at that time he checked on it for me, and later that day told me that there was nothing in the phone to indicate that someone had texted me from it.

    Tim and I never figured out how I got that text from Joe's number. I still don't have a logical explanation for the text I received that day. I was always okay with that though, because to me it felt as if that text was Tanya's way of saying goodbye."

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