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14 Crazy Stories of Russian Spies in the US That Will Freak You Out

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Land of the Free, home of the spied upon. US citizens can't catch a break when it comes to creeps looking in their windows and pilfering data from their phone, email accounts, and personal computers. But Uncle Sam isn't the only one keeping a watchful eye on America. Throughout history, a number of foreign agents have graciously alleviated the government of the burden of spying on its people, none with more relish, mustard, and pickles than those sneaky Russian spies in the US. 

Maybe you watch The Americans. Guess what? That sh*t went down IRL. Yes, indeed, Directorate S in real life is not just some whacked out crap you can read about on Reddit. It's real af. Even rampant paranoia about sneaky Soviets eating microwave dinners, awaiting their orders to annihilate the engorged swine babies of capitalism is rooted in real fears, which go all the way back to the 1940s, to the inception of the ideological battle between rank consumers and dirty commies. 

During the Cold War, there was widespread fear about communist spies living in the US, fear that wasn't unfounded. There were Russian spies, part of the illegals program, who lived in America. Some of these spies were high-ranking members of the CIA and FBI, collecting and reporting sensitive data back to their KGB handlers. Others were cokeheads who were ill-advisedly given access to sensitive information. Be forewarned: after digesting tales of Russian spies who lived in the United States, you're gonna wanna set up, at the very least, audio recording equipment in your neighbor's house. 

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