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The Wackiest Stories of Wild Animals on the Loose

Updated September 23, 2021 12k views24 items

Try as we might, humans can’t control wild animals as much as we think we can. There’s something about their non-logical brains that manage to outsmart us long enough to gain their freedom, and usually when that happens the animals are long gone. Some animals on the loose are easy to catch. Cows, tigers, and other large animals don’t have the ability to hide in plain sight - they can't escape for long. Some animals, like raccoons and snakes, seem to be more adept at living in the wild and fending off capture than anything else on the planet.

As fun as a lot of these stories are, a wild animal on the loose can be incredibly dangerous – it doesn’t matter what it is. The animal could have rabies, or it just might want to get into a rumble with a human to see who’s stronger. Whatever the case, we can learn from these stories of animals on the run.

Every couple of months we hear stories about an escaped zoo animal, and as fun as that sounds, it’s probably really stressful for the lion or capybara or whatever it is. In the best of circumstances, the animal runs around a little bit and then is safely returned to its home where it can relate stories of the outside world to its peers. But sometimes the animal has to be euthanized in order to secure the safety of the public. You’ll be pleased to know that most of these stories of runaway animals have a happy ending. 

  • A Sheep Enjoys A Nice Afternoon In New Jersey

    Photo: Badr88pedro / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA 4.0

    New Jersey's great. They've got The Boss, the shore, and this delightful sheep who ran around an elementary school before charging a police officer in the borough of Haddonfield. According to Borough Clerk Deanna Bennett the sheep weighs about 150 pounds and as of this writing is still on the loose (!!). Bennett added, "That is not a little white lamb."

  • Three Bears Go For A Swim In A Pasadena Pool

    If we've learned anything from Hanna-Barbera, it's that sometimes animals just want to chill out. Which is exactly what these three bears did in Pasadena, California towards the end of summer of 2016. Outside of lounging by the pool, the bears also went dumpster diving and smashed a glass door. All in all it sounds like a pretty good day to be a bear. 

  • Two Llamas Go On The Run

    Video: YouTube

    Nothing causes trouble like a group of llamas. First of all, that double L thing they have going on is confusing, secondly, the moment you get more than one llama running around the middle of nowhere in Arizona you've got to figure out if you're supposed to write "llllamas" or if it's still just "llamas." In the span of 24 hours, two sets of llllamas escaped their confinements and raised heck in the aforementioned Arizona, and in Vermont all while the internet followed along. There was so little work done that afternoon it was almost named a bank holiday. 

  • A Monkey Drops By IKEA

    Video: YouTube

    We may love IKEA's wonderfully simple products, but just try visiting any of their stores on a weekend - it's a nightmare. The one thing that would actually make IKEA fun to visit would be if there were an adorable monkey walking around wearing a small fur coat (the coat is somehow distressing). In December 2012, the monkey wandered through a Canadian IKEA and became somewhat of a viral internet hit. After the monkey was rescued, its owner was fined a few hundred dollars and Darwin the IKEA monkey was sent to live with some cute little primate buddies at the Story Book Farm in Ontario.