15 Petty Argument Stories Where Everyone Is The Biggest Loser

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Conflict resolution has never been the internet's thing, but with certain issues, the good people online can come together and reach a conclusion. With these argument stories, the conclusion was that everyone is equally bad and in the end, no one is really winning. Vote up the stories when you agree that everyone is in the wrong. 

  • 1. Fight Turns Into "I Never Asked You To"

    Posted on Reddit by u/garbagefoxpoop:

    My birthday was just this weekend. I decided to keep it low key by doing drag queen brunch with some drinks. My "friend", Gina, decided to give me presents. I was very appreciative of these at first since you can easily tell she put her heart and time into them. They were thoughtful too because it was stuff that was useful. Things were fine until mid brunch.

    You know how friends love to post a semi old photo and posts a little birthday dedication on social media? I don't need them but they're nice. Sending me a simple text is good enough. My friend Gina did the birthday dedication post but I don't acknowledge any posts until the evening or the next day. Gina was very upset that she posted it an hour before she arrived because I never "acknowledged" her about it on said social media. Because of this, she gave me sh*t and deleted it in front of my face.

    Today, we got into our biggest fight because not only was she still upset about the post but she told me she got me gifts because she wanted to stand out from everyone else and show how much she cared. I turned this back around on her by telling her "I never asked you to" get me gifts. I know everyone hates that phrase but it needed to be said. I also told her adults give their presence, not presents! If she really wanted to spend the money on me, buy me drinks instead! I don't want things from anyone. We're not 10 years old!

    AITA for saying that to Gina and should have just been appreciative?

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  • 2. Petty Roommates Posted On Social Media About Each Other

    Posted on Reddit by u/taylorwooley:

    Hi, I am F(20), and my roommate who we'll call Sam (F20). We had a mini disagreement with the cart that we have on our balcony. I want to keep it to turn it into a chair and she wants to get rid of it and I said “No.” So then Sam called a roommate meeting with our other roommates and the other roommates agreed with me and said that we should turn the cart into a chair. But Sam wasn't all for that and want to but furniture outside and we all said we'll move the cart out the way for her to put furniture outside but she didn't like that. That happened two weeks ago and since then she has been giving me the silent treatment. Throughout these two weeks, she has been posting about us on Snapchat and her friend that we'll call ‘Emily’(F20) posted on Snapchat a definition of inconsiderate people and said “add that to your cart” One night my roommate Sam posted “if you don't like smelling my weed then don't smell it sweetheart” in response to me and my roommate complaining about it smelling up the whole apartment. So then I posted to my Twitter that no one looks at and said “If you don't like looking at the cart then don't look at it sweetheart” then she found out about the tweet three days later and then posted it to her snap chat talking about me and said “Check yourself” and I responded back and said “l checked myself and I'm good” and now all of Sam’s friends started attacking me for responding back to her because all she was doing was responding back to me and her friend Emily started calling me the b-word and wanting to fight because she's an outsider and she said that I shouldn't be mad at Sam because Sam is a nice person and she has been trying to talk to me. When in reality for the past two weeks Sam hasn't talked to me nor and completely ignored me when I was trying to talk to her. I truly don't think I did anything wrong but I may be wrong and I know this isn't a normal nor grown-up augments.

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  • 3. A Friend Broke Their Promise To Do Someone Else's School Work

    Posted on Reddit by u/Reasonable-Meet5630:

    For some background, I 16m recently transferred to a different high school. Not for any bad reasons I just wanted a better fit. At the beginning of the year at my new school I didn’t really like it because I’m an introvert and had no friends. But as time past I became more comfortable and started to enjoy it here. One girl specifically lets called her Kayla was the first friend I made. She was even the first person I talked to and she helped my get out of my shell.

    So fast forward to this week and we had a major individual project due for our advance math class. Kayla is smart but she is a senior so she slacks off extremely hard. With two days left she had only completed about half of the project and one day after it was due she had only completed a little more than half. This was not a big deal at first because my teacher doesn’t deducts points for being late. But we then heard that all grades had to be submitted by Wednesday so she had to hurry and get it in. Kayla offered me $25 if I do it for her and I gladly took her up on her offer. This was because I’m really good at math so I could do it easily. The problem now starts with the fact that I wasn’t able to do it. I was extremely stressed, had a lot of work, and had some family issues.

    So, the grades were submitted and I didn’t do it so Kayla got a bad grade on the project. Kayla text me today saying that I shouldn’t promise to do things for people if I’m not actually going to do it(I was going to do it) and that she never wants to speak to me again. My friends during lunch told me that Kayla is extremely mad with me and never wants to see me ever again. I now feel like a jerk because I never wanted her to fail. I was just busy.

    Edit: for everyone wondering she was going to pay me. She did not end up paying me because I obviously didn’t do the job.

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  • 4. Food Fiend Gets Mad At Their Boyfriend For Not Making Noodles The Way They Want

    Posted on Reddit by u/missmiles11:

    Okay this sounds dumb, but hear me out. I have always been a picky eater especially when it comes to tomatoes. Ever since I was a kid my dad would make my spaghetti different from the rest of the house. I like having an essence of the sauce flavor on the noodles but not the overpowering flavor having noodles bathed in sauce creates. So, here's where it gets a bit odd, my dad would separate my spaghetti from the families after putting the sauce on and then would rinse the sauce off with the sink and strainer. I love noodles like this as it is a nice subtle tomato vibe given to the mild spaghetti.

    My (20) boyfriend (26) has known about this since we first started dating. He always told me my food habits were cute. We have been dating for almost three years now and moved in together at the beginning of the pandemic so we could be in lock down together. Ever since we moved in together he insisted on taking charge of cooking and all cooking related tasks (dishes, grocery shopping, etc) and he assigned me the role of cleaning the bulk of the apartment. We split other tasks pretty much 50-50 too.

    Everything was perfect and he always SEEMED so be making noodles the way I liked them when we had them. This was until last week when we last had spaghetti. We ate and everything was good but afterwards he started teasing my saying things like, "you really like your pasta with an 'essence' of tomato" and "how was your tomato 'essence' babe?" Always using finger quotes around the word essence. After a few comments I felt something was off and asked him if he had done anything differently with tonight's noodles than he usually does and he started laughing. When he finally stopped laughing he told me the whole truth while smirking. He said "I didn't do anything different than I USUALLY do. I have never been making it the way you have requested".

    Apparently the entire time we've been living together he's just been skipping the pasta sauce on my noodles entirely! He claimed that if I didn't notice for this long then it shouldn't matter that he is making dinner in a way that is easier for him. I disagree entirely. I think the lying was a huge breach of trust and so was the refusal to make dinner how I wanted. I have admittedly been acting passive aggressively to him since, but he thinks he did nothing wrong, that I'm overreacting, and that I need to let it go. AITA?

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  • 5. Spouses Have A 14 Year Fight Over Garbage Cans

    Posted on Reddit by u/A_Whole_Nother_888

    My husband (44m) and I (43f) have been together for 20 years and homeowners for 14. My husband insists upon keeping our two trash cans in our driveway, right outside our garage for all the neighbors to see. I would like to keep them inside the garage instead.

    Here is his only given reason for insisting that the garbage cans remain outside in front of our garage:

    Garbage cans inside the garage stink.

    Here are the reasons why I want the garbage cans in the garage:

    When the cans are outside, usually no one in our family of 5 wants/bothers to open the garage door to walk trash bags out there. For me personally, I don't do it often because one, you have to be adequately dressed to run into your neighbors and two, you may be captured in unwanted conversation with neighbor while you're out there. Therefore, we pile bags of garbage (5-6 bags, plus boxes per week) into the center of the garage floor until trash day when we put it into cans and take to curb. Our garage floor literally looks like a trash dump most of the time! When I do open the garage, my neighbors see my trash dump and I feel humiliated and embarrassed. I want to tell them that I would never want to live this way, but I am being forced. He doesn't care about my embarrassment.

    I'd like to park my car in the garage, but the open spot is used as the dump. If we had the trash cans, they'd use up less space and I'd have room for my car. He says he doesn't care about parking cars in garage. I point out that most of our neighbors park in their garage. He doesn't care. I told him that when it's cold or rainy, parking in garage is a big help to me. He said it's not a big deal to park outside.

    I think trash cans in full view of neighborhood is ugly and rude to neighbors. They don't keep their garage cans in full view! Everyone else hides their cans or keeps them in the garage. He says he doesn't care what the neighbors think or want.

    I don't notice any smell from the cans when they are inside. He usually replies that the smell happens when you open the lid to insert bags. I said that smell is fleeting. He said it isn't. I say it's not like he spends any time in the garage. Only when he's mowing, in which case the door is open. He says he doesn't care.

    Trash bags full of dog poop and diapers on the garage floor is a worse smell than garbage cans that only stink when lids open! He says the cans are worse.

    Piles of trash bags attract rodents and bugs. He says they do not and even if they do, he doesn't care.

    Every time I bring this topic up, it ends the same way. He says cans will remain outside in front of garage and that's the end of discussion. However, I will not let it go. Sometimes I'm passive-aggressive and bring the cans inside garage everyday (he removes everyday in response). Sometimes I try to reason and sometimes I yell at him. Today I sent him nasty text with pictures of the garbage dump. None of it works. AITA for continuing to fight about this for 14 years?

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  • 6. Spouse Throws Out Television Because Of Their Husband

    Posted on Reddit by u/HotChildinDaCity:

    My husband loves to watch TV non stop, all day. I detest hearing the gloom and doom of the news, shouting to me at top volume, about how we're all going to d*e a terrible d**th, any second now. I hate TV, and spend most of my time hiding in my room to avoid it. I spend a lot of time reading books, which is my passion, but when I do venture out, he hits mute, and stares at me, doing everything but tapping his foot impatiently. I've tried to be more engaging, and suggest going out, or for walks, but he retired a year ago, and said that he's done "working". He's only 56, but he put in his 30 years, so he's retired, but not old. I'm 52. So I suggested doing a reboot, and not turning on the TV for the month of March. He scoffed, and said that it wouldn't be a problem at all for him - he could take it or leave it, if he wanted to. By March 3rd, he was streaming to his phone, with ear buds. Which is fine, if I never want to talk to him ever again. If I do dare to ask him a question, he dramatically sighs, rolls his eyes, hits pause, pops out an ear bud, and by then I have no desire to even ask him what I was going to ask. Back to my my book. My son says IATA for getting rid of the TV in the first place, and I should have just let my husband do what makes him happy. He also points out, now I can read in the living room, with no TV, so why am I complaining still? I'm so close to this situation, I can't tell if I'm being unreasonable or not?

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