15 People Who Narrowly Avoided Tragedy By Listening To Their Gut Feeling

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You ever get that feeling that something is terribly wrong? Sometimes, it just might help to listen to it.

All answers courtesy of this crazy AskReddit.


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    "My Mom Never Really Recovered From It."

    From Redditor u/winecountrygirl:

    Now I don’t remember this, but my mom does very vividly as you can imagine.

    When I was three, she and her friends were getting ready to go out to the bar in the next city over. My mom, being super young when she had me, was often out on the weekends with friends so this wasn’t unusual at all. However, on this night, I, a usually super well-mannered kid, threw the biggest tantrum of my life: screaming at the top of my lungs, throwing myself around, throwing things, etc. because she was leaving. She was super mad because she couldn’t leave me with the babysitter like this, especially since she felt something was wrong because this was VERY unlike me as a child. Her friends left and she stayed home with me, still pretty pissed off at toddler me.

    The next morning, she and I walked to my grandma'ss house to use the phone (no cell phones yet). She called her friend’s house to hear about the night and her friend's mom answers. They had been trying to get a hold of my mom all night, as there was a horrific car accident. All of my mom’s friends except for the driver had passed away. Had she gone, there was no way she would have survived in the car.

    Still haunts me to think about this day. My mom never really recovered from it.

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    "They All Told Me To Chill..."

    From Redditor u/njoto:

    I was working as an interpreter for a researcher in one of the most active volcanos in the world. At around 16:00, I had a really, really bad feeling. I felt so restless. At that time, I was around 5 kilometers from the peak, and I stayed in the last village before the mountain.

    Everyone in that village had already evacuated. There were only journalists, photographers, a camera person for TV stations, and some locals. They all told me to chill. I remember when I  decided to leave the area, they were still smoking and drinking coffee and some were eating instant ramen. It was so quiet and calm but I felt so restless.

    I left the village at around 16:15. Just few minutes after 17:00, the mountain erupted, sending lava and pyroclastic flow that swept the whole village.

    All of the guys were killed instantly.

    It still gives me chills until now.

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    "I Moved The Car Back, Not Very Far..."

    From Redditor u/Newbielurker:

    So this was during a holiday in the mountains. We had been staying at a place surrounded by big, beautiful redwood trees, and we had decided we'd go to the snow on the second day. Me, my wife and our two kids, aged 2 and 6. The morning was spent traveling from the house to the car, packing things in the boot, and on one trip I heard a thud/crack type noise, like the sound of someone kicking wood. But I didn't see anyone around, so I continued loading the car.

    So we're all in the car now, in the driveway, and my wife realises we forgot the sunscreen. She grabbed the house keys, got out of the car, and ran into the house. While she was gone, I just had a thought: "I should move the car back. It's too close to the gate. I should move it back so she can get back in."

    It made no sense. She got into and out of the car by herself, so there was enough space. But at the time, I followed the thought, and moved the car back, not very far, less than five meters.

    And then shortly after putting the car into park, I saw the big redwood tree, whose trunk at its base was around 150 cm diameter, taller than a two story house, come crashing in front of me. The trunk landed right in front of the car, and a branch landed on top of the bonnet and shattered the windscreen. I got out of the car and saw that the redwood tree had essentially split at ground level. It demolished the neighbours cast iron fence, and cut off power to multiple homes as it fell. And the bulk of the tree trunk landed right at the center of where the car had been, until a few minutes previously parked.

    We still check the trees whenever we park now. and I'll recognise that thud/crack noise now if I ever hear it again.

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    "I Turned Around And There Was A Man Right Beside Me."

    From a Redditor:

    It was about 9 or 10 in the evening and I was heading home from a really bad date. It was a ten minute walk from where I was to my home and I stopped by a red light and waited. It was in the middle of the week and on the way from my date to the red light I’ve met like one person, so there wasn’t a lot of people out. From nowhere, I got a really bad feeling and I KNEW that someone was watching me. I turned around and there was a man right beside me. He stood just a bit to close. He saw that I’ve seen him and started talking about how nice the summer rain was. I ignored him and started walking, although the light still was red. He started walking too. I sped up for a bit. So did he. My fight-or-flight immediately hit and from nowhere I stopped walking. He was caught off guard and took a few more steps before he stopped too. He asked me why I stopped and I almost yelled at him that I didn’t want to speak to him, that his behavior is freaking me out and told him to keep walking. He started to argue and I yelled “just go." He started walking slowly. I stood still, watching him as he walked. The feeling in my stomach didn’t leave. It actually was getting worse. He stopped by a bus stop and for a second I breathed out. He was waiting for the bus. Well...just next to the bus stop was an alley, a really dark alley and behind it was a dark parking lot.

    He stared at me while he stood there. He was waiting for me. I tried to contact a friend, no answer. I hid behind some construction materials and on the third try, I managed to contact a friend. She wasn’t home and couldn’t help me. She asked if there was anyone else there and I said no. Eventually there was a man and two women walking by. She told me to tell them what’s happening.

    During this time, the guy hadn’t stop staring at me for a second. I walked up to the group to ask if I could walk with them. The man suddenly started walking away. I was right, he was waiting for me.

    I walked with the group for a bit but they were turning left at the next red light and I was going the other side. I thanked them for helping me.

    We walked our separate ways and within seconds, the guy showed up again. I froze completely and fortunately, the group caught it and ran over to me. The guy saw them, turned around and walked away. They walked me to my doorstep and I thanked them over and over again. I am 100% sure that he planned on doing something horrible to me. I am forever thankful for these three strangers who might have saved my life that night.

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    "She Had Said A Little Prayer Asking God One Last Time For Help."

    From Redditor u/Staskill:

    Years ago (before cell phones), I had this weird feeling to call an acquaintance of mine. We weren’t exactly friends, but we would chat at church sometimes, and I’d buy makeup occasionally from her. I had her phone number really only because she sold Avon (dating myself here- lol). Anyhow, I called right then, even though I’d really need to leave to be on time for a doctor appointment or some such thing. The call was maybe 10 minutes long, and we just talked about nothing in particular. It was only later I realized she didn’t even ask what I called her about (nor did I even know myself). So, the incident got filed away in my brain. About two years later, my family and I were moving out of state and she dropped by to give me a farewell gift, with a card. We still hadn’t gone much beyond being close acquaintances, but I thought she was sweet for taking time out to say goodbye. Later, I opened the note as my husband was driving. It said she wanted to thank me because when I’d called her that time, she was all set to attempt the worst. My call made her hesitate. As she was literally getting ready, she had said a little prayer asking God one last time for help, but mostly asking for forgiveness for what she was about to do. Then I called and she got off the chair and answered the phone. We became (long distance) friends. She recently died of natural causes, but had gotten married, had a family (and got help for her depression prior to all that). 

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    "When I Arrived Home, I Went Out To See What Happened To My Car..."

    From Redditor u/FreezingDraig:

    I was driving from my university to my home (I was living in Mexico at the time). When I was at a red light, the SUV that was next to me, a total normal lady with her small daughter in the back, asked me to put down the window. I did. She told me very kindly that there was some liquid going out of my car that I should probably check out. I said thank you, put my window up, and considered stopping immediately. When I had that thought about stopping, I got a very chilly sensation on my back, and my legs and my arms felt very heavy. I said f*** it, i just wanna arrive home. I am tired today. When I arrived home, I went out to see what happened to my car and nothing...not a single sign of a spill.

    Later that night, I was watching the news with my parents, and there was something about how that exact same thing happened to someone: “Your car is leaving liquid behind, you should probably stop and check that out." But in this case, they stopped (it was a couple I think) and when they stopped, some guys jumped out of some bushes, took their car at gunpoint, and shot them in the leg to "gain some time."

    I was totally thinking on stopping that time. I still cannot believe I didn’t do it.