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Storks Movie Quotes

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Storks movie quotes bring the laughs to the animated comedy film following the life of storks. Nicholas Stoller wrote and co-directed the film with Doug Sweetland. Showing in 3D, Storks opened in theaters in the United States on September 23, 2016.

In Storks, top stork Junior (voiced by Andy Samberg) explains that while storks formerly delivered babies, now they deliver packages for Cornerstore.com. He's primed for a big promotion, taking over for company head Hunter (voiced by Kelsey Grammer), when he makes a big mistake. Junior activates the baby machine and an adorable baby pops out.

Together with human sidekick Tulip (voiced by Katie Crown), Junior must deliver this baby to its family before the boss finds out. But their journey takes them places they never thought possible, including part of Tulip's mission to find her own long lost family.

Storks movie quotes feature lines said by the other voice actors in the film including Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell and Danny Trejo, among others. Storks opened alongside other fun films such as Snowden, Blair Witch, Bridget Jones's Baby, and The Wild Life.  

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    Wolf Pack, Form a Submarine!

    Wolf Pack: Wolf Pack, form a submarine!
    Junior: What is happening? What?
    Tulip: I've never seen that before on nature shows.

    When the Wolf Pack needs to flee via water, they organize themselves into a submarine and easily glide through the water. Tulip remarks in this Storks movie quote that she's never seen this on nature shows and pretty sure no one has.

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    In the Beginning

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    Junior: In the beginning, storks delivered babies. It wasn't always easy. No matter how tough, or impossible, or brutal, or inhumane, or savage, we would triumph over adversity. Thank goodness we don't do that anymore. Now storks deliver packages for Cornerstore.com. 

    Junior explains the story of storks, and also the basic plot of the film in this Storks movie quote. Once storks delivered babies, but now they work for a popular online commerce company.

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    It'll Be All Yours

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    Hunter: Junior, I saved this company by getting out of babies and into package delivery. Monday, it'll all be yours, barring some monumental screw-up.

    The stakes are high for Junior, as evidenced in this Storks movie quote. He has the chance to take over the company at a pivotal time, as long as he doesn't mess up over the weekend.

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    Let Me Show You How to Fly

    Tulip: Let me show you how to fly this.
    Junior: Hello! I'm a bird! I'm pretty sure I know how to... Ahhh! I was wrong. I was immediately wrong!
    Tulip: Is your seat wet?
    Junior: Yep, I peed in the seat while we were falling.

    At the helm of Tulip's plane, Junior feels pretty confident that he knows how to fly it. But soon he realizes just how much he doesn't know, with a pretty nasty consequence.

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