Weird Nature A Very Good Doggo Named Storm Saved A Baby Deer From Drowning  

Kate Jacobson
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A very, very good dog named Storm is being hailed as a hero after he saved a poor baby fawn from drowning off the coast of Long Island. His daring rescue – captured on camera by his owner Mark Freeley – has gone viral with more than 5 million views, and it's pulling at everyone's heartstrings. 

Storm the dog and Freeley were enjoying the day at Port Jefferson Harbor off Long Island when they spotted the fawn swimming in water way over its head. The animal, who was most likely confused, was dragged ashore by Storm. This heartwarming story goes to show that even animals can see trouble and will give a helping hand whenever they can.

Storm Jumped Into Action As Soon As He Saw The Baby Deer

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Freeley was out with Storm and his other dog Sarah at the harbor when the English cream golden retriever jumped into the water. The dog grabbed the deer by the neck and swam with him to the shore, letting go of him on the beach and pawing at him to wake up. While many people wondered whether the dog was trying to hurt the deer – or possibly play with it – Freeley thinks differently.

"I was there, and if anybody knows Storm, they know that's not in his heart," he told the NewYork Times. "He is the most gentle, gracious dog you ever want to meet."

The Drama Didn't End There – After The Rescue, The Baby Deer Went Back In The Water

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Storm and Freeley stayed with the baby deer awhile – Storm gently licking it – before he went to go call the Strong Island Animal Rescue League. Workers responded, hoping to catch the deer and bring it to a wildlife center, but when they arrived, the deer was standing up and wobbling away.

It went back into the water about 250 feet. The group's organizer Frank Floridia ran after the deer, jumped into the water, and fished it out again. The three-month-old deer was rescued again, and they took it to the Save the Animals Rescue Foundation in nearby Middle Island, NY. Thankfully, the baby pulled through.

The Baby Deer Will be Released Into The Wild, And Storm Will Get Lots Of Belly Rubs

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Lori Ketcham, director of Save the Animals Rescue Foundation, said the deer is expected to make a full recovery and return back to nature. She suspects the animal fell from a small, sandy cliff into the water, which caused a little bit of head trauma. Normally, small deer are brought into her clinic because they're attacked by dogs – not because they were saved by them. 

"Officially this was a wonderful thing that the dog saved the deer," she said. "But I would think, if he was left to his own devices, the deer would not survive." 

Regardless, Freeley said he knows Storm is a gentle giant who wanted to help another animal in need.