All The Times Stormtroopers Actually Hit What They Were Aiming At In 'Star Wars'
Photo: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

All The Times Stormtroopers Actually Hit What They Were Aiming At In 'Star Wars'

If there's one thing all Star Wars fans can agree on, it's that Han shot first. If there's a second, it's that Stormtroopers have the worst aim of any soldiers in science fiction.

This is obvious from the very first film, and Stormtroopers' poor aim has become the subject of many jokes and memes across the Internet. One popular theory is that it's because it's impossible to see out of their helmets. Another theory suggests Stormtroopers are great shots, but - when it comes to Luke Skywalker and his friends - their lasers are deflected by the Force so Luke can fulfill his destiny.

To be fair to the Stormtroopers, it doesn't make sense that they're unable to hit anything. They were originally clones of a highly successful bounty hunter, and no military would keep a bunch of troops around who couldn't hit the broad side of a planet - much less a target a few meters away. Yet painstaking fan analysis has calculated a Stormtrooper hit rate of little more than 4% in the original trilogy.

However, once in a while, Stormtroopers actually do hit something in the live-action movies. This list rounds up the most significant times that Stormtrooper aim was right on target.

  • A Stormtrooper Shoots Leia In ‘Return Of The Jedi’

    As the rebels are about to enter the Shield Generator facility, a blast door closes and they find themselves boxed in by a cadre of advancing Stormtroopers.

    One such trooper blasts Leia's left shoulder, and she's badly hurt. Han checks on her, and the two share a tender moment before Leia fires back.

  • A Stormtrooper Team Slaughters Rebel Soldiers In ‘A New Hope’

    In the opening scenes of the first Star Wars film, the rebel ship carrying Princess Leia and the Death Star plans is boarded by Darth Vader and a legion of deadly Stormtroopers. Before the dark lord of the Sith makes his entrance, the troopers break through a sealed door and destroy the rebels en masse.

    The firefight leaves several Stormtroopers on the floor, but decimates the defending rebels. It just goes to show: Stormtroopers can hit their enemies when the "important" heroes aren't around.

  • A Stormtrooper Stuns Leia In ‘A New Hope’

    Blasters are seldom set to "stun" in the Star Wars films, but the effect is notable for the ring of blue energy that's emitted from the blaster muzzle. The first appearance of the stun blast is seen shortly after the Stormtroopers take over the Tantive IV in A New Hope.

    While searching the ship for survivors, the troopers encounter Princess Leia and attempt to take her alive. One Stormtrooper easily dispatches the Princess by knocking her unconscious.

  • A Stormtrooper Blasts C-3PO In ‘Empire Strikes Back’

    While C-3PO is walking around Cloud City in Empire Strikes Back, he stumbles into an area where a group of Stormtroopers are hiding. Though his assailant isn't explicitly shown to be a trooper, he is clearly heard firing at 3PO. When the droid is seen again, he's blasted to pieces and inoperable.

    Chewbacca later rescues and reassembles the droid, albeit poorly. After 3PO is switched back on, he exclaims, "Stormtroopers? Here? We're in danger. I must tell the others. Oh, no! I've been shot!"

  • A Stormtrooper Blows Leia Off Her Speeder In ‘Return Of The Jedi’

    During their mission to deactivate the shield generator on Endor, the rebels are spotted by Stormtroopers. Luke and Leia hop onto a speeder to head them off.

    Leia ends up taking a hit when a trooper pulls up alongside her and begins firing with his blaster. He disables her speeder, which throws her to the forest floor.

    Unfortunately for the trooper, there's no time to celebrate his victory. He immediately crashes into an overturned tree and explodes.

  • A Stormtrooper Takes Down A Skybound Ewok In ‘Return Of The Jedi’

    Love them or hate them, the Ewoks are instrumental in turning the tide against the Empire. Though equipped with only primitive tools, the cute little bears annihilate the Imperial soldiers.

    During the battle, one Stormtrooper manages to score a direct hit on an Ewok when he is soaring overhead dropping stones. Just as a stone hits the trooper, he fires a single blast, which penetrates the wing and sends the Ewok plummeting to the ground.