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Unspeakably Cool Stormtrooper Mash-Up Cosplays That Prove It's The Most Versatile Costume

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With nerd culture becoming more and more mainstream, people are getting creative with cosplay designs for their favorite franchises like Star Wars. This has given rise to a lovely subculture of stormtrooper crossover cosplay. There is all kinds of Star Wars crossover cosplay, but it seems that the white suits of the stormtroopers offer a blank slate of sorts and some really creative people have splattered them with all kinds of design. (There is also no shortage of Star Trek crossover fan art, if you're the "live long and prosper" type).

The stormtrooper mash-up cosplay featured on this list are clever in their amalgamation of two naturally paired characters, like an Iron Man stormtrooper. Others are all the more brilliant for their seemingly total randomness. Regardless, there are some crazy and cool crossover cosplay with stormtroopers, so let's take a look at what these industrious folks came up with. Vote up the most amazing stormtrooper mash-up cosplay that truly makes the plain white lackey design shine. 

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    Buzz's Secret Identity Revealed!


    A post shared by Hendo (@hendoart) on


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    Run DMC-3P0 Would Be A Great Name If This Were A Droid...

    Hip Hop Trooper makes working for an evil empire look cool in this amazing crossover cosplay. 

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    Samurai Trooper, For Kids!

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY

    matthewgrice made this Samurai Stormtrooper for his nephew. Awww.

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    Gonzo And Kermit Couldn't Be Any More Incompetent Than Your Standard Stormtrooper

    Photo: Mike Lica and Derek Lane-Waters / TheMarySue

    Mike Lica and Derek Lane-Waters are trying to ruin your childhood with their awesome Muppetroopers. 

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