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The Story Behind 'Ghost Stories:' The Funniest (And Most Offensive) Anime Dub Ever Made

Ghost Stories is a 20 episode long anime that was created in 2000, and that adapts Tōru Tsunemitsu's books of the same name. The premise is simple: a group of preteens (and their evil cat sidekick) investigate and fight ghosts in their town, with the help of a book left by the protagonist's dead mother.

After the anime turned out to be a complete flop on Japanese TV, Animax approached ADV Films to create the Ghost Stories English dub. When the contract was made, Animax did not expect the series to fare much better with the American market. The company was under huge financial pressure, so the dubbing team was given a unique amount of creative freedom. The first English dub of Ghost Stories has since become a cult classic, as an obscure, sub-par anime series for kids became a hilarious, self-aware, and highly offensive fan favorite.