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Here's The Story Behind That Cool S Thing You Used To Draw In Class

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If you went to school at any time during the past half-decade, you probably drew, or saw other people draw, a stylized S made of fourteen connected line segments. Despite its ubiquitous nature, a lot of people still wonder: what's that cool S thing, and where did the cool S come from?

While no one knows the true story behind the S doodle, some things are known about the cool S doodle history. For example, it's popped up all over the world, from the USA to Egypt, and it may have been around since the 1960s. Some theories, like the idea that it might be based on the Superman S symbol, has people arguing its origin. Whatever its origin, students everywhere know and love this S.

Let's learn some more about it!

  • It's Not The Stussy Logo, The Suzuki Logo, Or The Styx Logo

    There are plenty of other theories regarding the S symbol's origins. Some think that it's the Suzuki logo. Others believe that it's supposed to represent the metal band Styx. Still others think it's a reference to a clothing brand called Stussy. 

    Vice writer Julian Morgans called up Stussy to ask them if the mysterious S had any connection to their brand - they replied in the negative. While no one has explicitly debunked the Suzuki claims, the only basis seems to be that they look kind of similar. The same can be said for the Styx S.

  • It Doesn't Have Anything To Do With Superman, Either

    The S symbol might be reminiscent of the Superman S, but there's no real connection between the two. According to Benjamin LeClear, who manages the comics library at the DC Comics studio, 

    "It doesn't look like any of the emblems from the old Superman Shield logos. His 'S' has a lot of open space and almost never connects to itself."

    LaClear went on to say that he wished the mysterious S was connected to Superman in some way, but unfortunately, that just isn't its true origin.

  • The Symbol Is Used Internationally

    No one is exactly sure where the S symbol got its start, but it's been spotted in countries around the world. Whether you're from the USA, Egypt, or Israel, there's a good chance that you encountered this mysterious S during your school career.

  • It Might Be A Variation On The Infinity Symbol

    The S symbol is similar to the infinity symbol, in that the tails of the S loop around the back and connect the way that an infinity symbol does. For this reason, it might have been a variation on the much older image. Maybe the symbol is infinity, as it seems to have no concrete origin story and may have existed since the beginning of time.