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The Terrifying Story Behind The Infamous And Deadly Superman Curse

Whether or not you believe in curses, it's hard to deny that the Superman Curse is a famous one. Many actors who have played the role of Superman have died in strange or unexpected ways, or have suffered horrible accidents in their lives. The Curse of Superman seems to extend beyond the actors themselves, affecting random stagehands, relatives, and even co-stars, such as those who play Lois Lane. It has even supposedly killed one of the youngest actors to ever play Superman.

So, what exactly is the Superman Curse? Its origins go as far back as the birth of Superman himself. Supposedly, those who play Superman or work with Superman media have a terrible curse put upon them. They either suffer a mysterious death or a freak accident. The number of these occurrences is definitely enough to raise a few eyebrows. Is the Superman Curse real? While people who nearly played Superman will never know, many people who have worked on the comics, films, shows, and other media about the Man of Steel swear the curse has made their lives a living hell.