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There Is Credible Evidence The Belmez Faces Are A Genuine Paranormal Phenomenon

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In 1971, María Gómez Pereira, AKA María Gómez Cámara, first noticed stains that appeared to be faces seeping up through the floor of her kitchen. Gaining the nickname "the Belmez Faces," this strange occurrence soon led to the discovery of numerous bodies hidden beneath a house in Spain. The exhumation of these mysteriously buried bodies captured a lot of media attention, but it certainly didn't solve the Pereira family's problem. 

Is this paranormal phenomenon in Spain the real deal? Experts in many different scientific fields have analyzed the evidence only to obtain mixed results. The only thing that's known for certain is that the Faces of Belmez continued to show up even after the family had the floor replaced - twice. There were even measures put in place to prevent fakery, which still doesn't convince some skeptics but certainly lends a lot of credibility to the existing evidence. Read on to discover all the odd aspects of this case and the numerous appearances of the Belmez Faces.

  • There Were Human Remains Hidden Underneath The Floor

    There's only so much that a family can take, and the Pereiras eventually hit their breaking point after the constant reappearance of the Belmez Faces in the floor of their kitchen. Yet, instead of moving out, they decided to have the ground beneath their kitchen excavated. However, upon reaching the 10-foot mark, excavators made a gruesome discovery: the skeletal remains of several people had been stowed deep underneath the Pereira family home.

    Some even had their skulls removed, which may be an indication as to why the ghosts would choose to reveal their presence by way of floor stains. Workers promptly removed the approximately 700-year-old skeletons so they could receive a proper burial, but the family's troubles didn't stop there.

  • Pouring New Concrete Didn't Make The Faces Disappear

    The original Belmez Face reportedly scared María Gómez Pereira so much that the family ripped up the floor. Putting new concrete down didn't help, though. Within a week, the face reappeared - and it brought reinforcements with it. This part of the story helps lend credibility to Pereira's claims, especially considering that it's not cheap to dig up and replace a concrete floor.

    On the other hand, it also meant destroying the first Belmez Face, which makes it much harder to prove that it ever existed. 

  • Sealing The Room Up For Three Months Didn't Stop The Faces Either

    With rumors swelling about the family somehow creating the faces, there became a clear need for a better testing method. The most fool-proof idea involved covering up the floor and sealing off the entire room for three months. A television crew and several witnesses documented this process.

    There were even precautions taken at this time that would supposedly make it impossible to tamper with the floor undetected. Three months later, the grand reveal showcased yet another development in the Faces of Belmez case. The faces were indeed still there, but they'd moved and changed.

  • The Number Of Faces Increased After The Excavation

    Excavating beneath the kitchen floor initially seemed like a wise move. However, after removing the skeletons they found hidden under the ground, the Pereiras enjoyed a peaceful period that lasted only two weeks. Not only did the faces return,  but they greatly increased in quantity. Long gone were the large, singular faces. In their place the family found a great variety of Belmez Faces all appearing at the same time.

    This understandably captured a lot of attention and led to at least one official lab analysis of the site.