Graveyard Shift

There Is Credible Evidence The Belmez Faces Are A Genuine Paranormal Phenomenon

In 1971, María Gómez Pereira, AKA María Gómez Cámara, first noticed stains that appeared to be faces seeping up through the floor of her kitchen. Gaining the nickname "the Belmez Faces," this strange occurrence soon led to the discovery of numerous bodies hidden beneath a house in Spain. The exhumation of these mysteriously buried bodies captured a lot of media attention, but it certainly didn't solve the Pereira family's problem. 

Is this paranormal phenomenon in Spain the real deal? Experts in many different scientific fields have analyzed the evidence only to obtain mixed results. The only thing that's known for certain is that the Faces of Belmez continued to show up even after the family had the floor replaced - twice. There were even measures put in place to prevent fakery, which still doesn't convince some skeptics but certainly lends a lot of credibility to the existing evidence. Read on to discover all the odd aspects of this case and the numerous appearances of the Belmez Faces.