The Terrifying Tale Of The Boy The Police Delivered Back To Jeffrey Dahmer's Doorstep

Jeffrey Dahmer remains one of the most infamous killers of all time. Specifically targeting gay youths, Dahmer lured them into his apartment where he assaulted, killed, and dismembered them. Though Dahmer was eventually found out when a victim escaped, another of his victims managed to flee from Dahmer's nightmarish apartment. A 14-year-old boy by the name of Konerak Sinthasomphone managed to escape from his clutches, yet his escape failed to put Dahmer in jail. Why is that? Horrifyingly enough, because police officer John Balcerzak actually gave the boy back to Dahmer after he escaped.

Though he initially fled, Sinthasomphone had already been drugged and assaulted by Dahmer, and was therefore disoriented once witnesses found him in the streets. Though witnesses pleaded with authorities to take the boy to safety, the cops instead took the boy back to Dahmer's home. Later, the boy suffered the same fate as Dahmer's other victims. 

  • Jeffrey Dahmer Had Already Killed Multiple People Earlier That Year

    Jeffrey Dahmer Had Already Killed Multiple People Earlier That Year
    Photo: Milwaukee Police Department / Fair Use

    While he was active, Dahmer murdered at least 17 people, possibly many more than that. In particular, he would target males in their teens and early 20s, most of whom were minorities and gay. He picked them up at bars or just in the neighborhood, luring them back to his apartment with promises of sex, promiscuous photo shoots, and drugs. Upon arriving at his house, Dahmer would incapacitate, rape, kill, and dismember his victims. The youngest of his victims, whom he did not kill, was only 13 years old. Though jailed for assaulting the youngest victim in 1990, Dahmer was back on the streets in 1991, and he was soon back to his old ways.

    In fact, in 1991, Dahmer already murdered at least three people before he targeted Konerak Sinthasomphone. During this time, the body of another victim, Tony Hughes, was still in his apartment. 

  • Dahmer Had Molested Sinthasomphone's Older Brother

    Dahmer had already familiarized himself with the Sinthasomphone family by the time he kidnapped Konerak. In 1988, Dahmer approached Keison, Konerak's older brother, and tricked the boy into coming back to his apartment. He drugged and molested the boy, then 13; he let the boy escape and actually served time for the crime. At this point, he set his eyes on the younger brother, Konerak, who was by then 14 years old. 

    Konerak and his family never knew about Dahmer's early release, and Konerak failed to recognize the strange man who approached him. Dahmer asked the boy to come back to his apartment to take some lewd Polaroid pictures, to which the boy reluctantly agreed. At first, Dahmer did exactly as he'd said he would do, and snapped a few photos of the youth in his underwear. However, this was only stage one of his horrible plan, which he quickly put into action.

  • There Was A Hole Drilled Through The Boy's Skull

    After the photography session finished, Dahmer drugged Konerak with sleeping pills that rendered him unconscious. Dahmer then performed oral sex and other lewd acts upon the boy, but he failed to stop there. Using a drill to make a hole in Sinthasomphone's skull, Dahmer injected hydrochloric acid into the frontal lobe of his brain. The boy, when he regained consciousness, was dazed and didn't seem to react to much, including the sight of the decomposing body in Dahmer's room. Satisfied that the teen remained incapacitated, Dahmer left to go to a local bar, leaving the boy alone and unguarded.

    Even in his diminished state, Sinthasomphone saw his chance for freedom. 

  • Sinthasomphone Managed To Escape And Asked For Help

    Sinthasomphone Managed To Escape And Asked For Help
    Video: YouTube

    When Dahmer returned from the bar, he found quite the predicament waiting in front of his apartment. Sinthasomphone made it outside, where locals Sandra Smith and Nicole Childress came across him. The teen girls understood something here was horribly wrong. The boy, though fluent in English, could only speak in broken Laotian in his dazed state, but his obvious distress caused the girls to call the police.

    When Dahmer approached the trio, he tried to convince them that Sinthasomphone (whom he called by a different name) was his lover and under his care, and tried to physically take the boy inside. The girls stopped Dahmer, saying the police were on their way. Dahmer, sensing that protesting now could go horribly awry, agreed to wait for them, but maintained that Sinthasomphone was with him by choice. 

  • Dahmer Claimed The Boy Was His Legal-Aged Lover

    When police arrived, Dahmer sought to straighten out his story. Dahmer simply told the police that Sinthasomphone was his consensual 19-year-old lover. To explain the teen's disorientation, Dahmer claimed the boy was drunk, and that the blood on him came from a skinned knee. He told the witnesses, as well as the police, that the teen became drunk during a quarrel, and that he often acted this way when he was upset. He also said that he could take care of the boy back in the apartment. 

    The police believed him and described the incident as a "domestic squabble between homosexuals."

  • Officers Ignored Witness Claims That The Boy Was In Danger

    Officers Ignored Witness Claims That The Boy Was In Danger
    Video: YouTube

    The officers who responded to the scene, John Balcerzak and Joseph Gabrish, seemingly botched the situation in multiple ways. They failed to check Dahmer's criminal history, where they would have seen he was listed as a child molester just recently out of jail. They did not inspect Sinthasomphone thoroughly for damage, or get a medical examination for him. And most of all, they ignored the two women who had, until then, managed to protect the boy from harm.

    When the girls insisted Sinthasomphone was in danger, the police ignored them. They said it was a domestic dispute, and that they should leave it alone. Even when the girls claimed to have seen Sinthasomphone around the neighborhood, a teenage boy who had been missing for a full day, they did not listen. Many now claim racism possibly played a factor in the cops' refusal to listen to the witnesses, who happened to be black.