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'Gremlins 2' Brilliantly Makes Fun Of Everyone Who Loved The First Movie

Updated 14 Jun 2019 9.6k views9 items

In 1990, Warner Bros. released Joe Dante’s follow-up to the cult classic Christmas horror film Gremlins, and no one really knew what to think of it. Where the first film told a story about a small town coming together in the face of chaotic monsters, the Gremlins sequel was more interested in showing how much destruction the monsters could cause. Gremlins 2 is thought to be one of the weirdest '90s movies to be released by a major studio, and it certainly deserves that status. It’s absolutely bonkers from the very beginning. 

You may not remember much of this film besides Hulk Hogan's wall-breaking cameo or the musical number during the film's finale, but Gremlins 2: The New Batch isn’t just some ill-conceived cash grab - it’s a piece of art.

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